Shortshifter or ....not?

Bit late but thought my input, might add some value. I fitted a gravity performance short shifter to my NA last year. At first I thought it was great, however, after jumping in a friends with a stock shifter I realised how stiff the short shifter mechanism felt. I swapped back to the standard shifter last week and it just goes to show that mazda knew what they were doing. Shifting is so much smoother and as a result just as quick.


I fitted a short shifter to my nissan s15 which is a very similar setup to the nc. Directly fitted on an aisin 6 speed box. I didn’t like it, it felt even more mechanical and unforgiving. Switching back to stock made me realise I was trying to improve on something that didn’t really need improving as has been stated. But it did look nice I will say :grin:.

Had it on a Civic, which together with poly bushings gave a really nice feel. On my NC though, I just really don’t feel the need to.

On my NC sport I changed to an aftermarket gear knob and mounted it 20mm lower than the stock one.
Feels nice and positive and the shorter lever has reduced throw slightly.

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Dean, do you remember what thread is on the gearstick ?

According to the very first hit on “The Google” this…
“For both the NB and NC the threads are 10mmx 1.5 . The size for the manual is 10mm x 1.25”

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I just had a look, the nc 6spd shaft is definitely m10x1.25mm :+1:.

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Must admit I didn’t actually measure it.


This is the gear knob I used and I used the middle insert which they say is for an M10 thread.

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