Should I clean or replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor

I have a 1999 Mk2 1.8. with 75K on the clock. It is running very unevenly. It starts okay. However when driven it runs unevenly. Basically it seems to lack power and then will suddenly have surge and runs normally but then will suddenly lose power,with little or no acceleration, followed by another sudden surge. There are no warning lights coming on.This can happen probably twice per mile. It’s almost as if fuel is not getting through at a constant rate (if that makes sense) When I start it up there is a strong smell of petrol from the exhaust. It’s had new plugs, air filter, coil pack, fuel filter and HT leads. I’m now considering changing or cleaning the mass air flow sensor. Don’t really want to pay out for a new one and not sure of the quality of the second hand ones on the market. So at this stage will probably try a proper cleaning solution and take it from there. Does anyone have any experience of this problem and solution.

I’d look at having diagnostics done. If it does this when stationary and open throttle, diagnostics should find the issue. By all means clean the Maf sensor wire with the spray cleaner. Other things to look out for would be crank sensor or O2 sensor/s. Diagnostics should find the issue.That’s where I’d start.

Thanks JamMan. Well I removed the sensor and it was as clean as the day it was fitted. I gave it a clean anyway with the spray cleaner and as I anticipated, it didn’t make the slightest difference. Will book it in for diagnostic check next week. Thanks for your interest. Will keep you posted.

Well after further checks by a garage it turned out that the problem was with the coil pack once more. New one fitted. Rightly or wrongly I didn’t go for the one at over £300 but paid about £50.00 from one from MX5 Parts. As this was not guaranteed to be the solution I didn’t want to go to great expense, only to discover that the problem was elsewhere.Thanks for your interest JamMan