Should I get mine undersealed?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ND RF
  2. I’m based near: coventry
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __undersealing

I have a 2018 RF that lives in the garage during the winter months. I hope to keep if for several years . Do I need to get it undersealed or should it be OK left as it is ?

Get it done.
The evidence of poor protection is so well documented even in say 5 years time, it’s one of the first thing I’d ask you no matter how shiny the topside was.
Dampness in garages in the UK over winter months rots them too.

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If you have a garage and do not use the car all winter why not do it yourself. It is not difficult just time consuming. Get it up in the air and with the aid of a small compressor you will have fun and the satisfaction of knowing exactly what has been done.

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Well… I think however if you want to redo the undersealing you got to take the old and “loose” stuff off first, treat any oxidizing and recoat. Now with your car being relatively new maybe a good clean and check by a specialist who does mx5 is is all that’s required. If you fancy a drive to Sussex, the mx5 restorer does free check the whole car. I did mine there and was pleasantly impressed with their setup tbh. You do have to book it though but at least they work until midday on Saturday

I paid £480 and had my NC undersealed and the box sections wax filled. I’m very pleased because the NC was far from protected from new.

I think it was good value and will be far less cost than having it repaired once it all rusts away like many I have seen. Not doing it myself was a concious decision because the company knows the MX5 and where they rot and have the appropriate equipment.

I used MX5 Restorer in Pevensey, they had the car for 3 days.