Should I pull the trigger?

Hello all,

I am considering pulling the trigger on this 2009 1.8 Used MAZDA MX-5 for Sale | AA Cars

I’ll be talking to the dealer tomorrow (who seem to have excellent reviews). The issue is I will need it delivered so I’ll be buying without looking at it in the flesh.

What I should be asking before I commit? Are there any specific issues with this model? I’m a bit clueless with cars but definitely want another MX-5. I had the lovely 1991 BRG/Tan Leather LE for ten years before the rust became too much and sold it to a restorer in 2016. I’ve only had motorcycles since.

I’d be very grateful for any help. Thank you!

How much have you offered, surely you never pay the screen price!

Hi and welcome,

Not sure where this ‘pull the trigger’ phrase, it’s a car not anything to do with shooting lol.

I might be old fashioned but I would not buy a used car unseen and not test driven, a new car maybe, but not used.

Just too many variables with used. It might pass an HPi check be serviced etc, but does it drive properly, does it stop in a straight line, are the tyres damaged, do the gears all work, do all the electrics work, does the engine start easily, does it smoke.

Have a look at the MoT history

Needs 2 front tyres, ask for decent brand, not some Chinese ditchfinders, and rear pads are low.

It’s also done over 20k a year for the last few years,.so has been used all year around, so you know what to check for underneath…


You need to see it, or get a family member or friend to.

Best of luck


Yup, mileage is pretty high, so used in all weathers…

Thanks Richard, I haven’t spoken to the dealer yet, not sure what to offer though.

There’s a Miyako model same colour, 2011 plate and a few more miles at the same dealer. Looked promising although a little higher price until you see the MOT history, had it’s problems with failures and advisories over the years.
Not a complete clue to what condition it’s in now but it gives you an idea of how previous owners have treated their cars.:dizzy_face:

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Thank you for your advice. Yes I looked at the MOT and it looked good compared to some of the horror stories I’ve seen. Tyres and brake pads need replacing. I have no-one to go and see it.

It’s a good point, but I will be too :slight_smile: Although a quarter of that mileage.

Yeah I saw that! Shocking MOT reports I thought, whereas this one looks very clean.

Crosspoint motors, Coalville near Leicester.

Wonder if anyone on here lives nearby and can give it a once over?

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Wow, that would be amazing if someone could. Of course I would ensure that someone was rewarded for that effort.

RAC inspection £99


Thanks for this! Unfortunately the basic is not for cars over 10yo. But it’s probably worth going for the Comprehensive one anyway. Thanks again!

Mine’s a 2.0l 2011 Miyako.
42,000 miles when I bought it, 46, 000 miles now.
It was so nice, it was featured in the dealers showroom.
I thought I paid over the odds at £7,900 but I had to have it.
It got a new battery, fresh mot and a service, plus delivered to the door.
It’s worth rather more 18 months later, so all in all, I think I did OK :slight_smile:

BTW, just did the magnet test on the bonnet and definitely aluminium, hadn’t realised that… :grinning:

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I kept my search going including looking at the Miyako model 2ltr. No joy, only silver, I wanted red. Stupid me only realised 2 weeks ago, they don’t do a red only silver. :money_mouth_face::grin:


Yup, mine’s silver alright…

Sadly MX5’s suffer from corrosion so I personally would not buy without seeing the car or at least an AA or RAC vehicle inspection.
I’d wait until there was one you can go and see.


Thanks Steeve. I suppose I ought to be more circumspect. I think an AA or RAC inspection is the way to go.

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If you can find the extra in your budget, Mazda approved *can be * a good option. Most, but not all, of their older stock come with a year’s warranty and MOT failure insurance.

You can negotiate, particularly if the car has been sitting around in their yard for some time. They need to shift stock on, so if you time it right you may strike a bargain. Some have monthly and quarterly targets to meet, on used - not just new registrations.

Season helps too, if you can wait a while, September can be a good time to offer, as dealers clear stock.

I have bought twice this way BUT 2021 is not your typical year, there are fewer new cars arriving from Japan, so good quality used will hold their value & spot in the dealer forecourts perhaps.


This is really helpful, thank you!