Should I upgrade?

I started my MX5 ownership with a new Mk2. I upgraded in 2007 to a new Mk3 roadster which has been, and still is, a superb car. But it’s 14 years old now with 40K on the clock and I fancy a change.

It makes no logical sense to change my Mk3 which is still 100% as good as it was when I drove out of the showroom. But I really fancy a Soul Red Mk 4, and I can easily afford it. I’m in my 70s and probably won’t be able to drive an MX5 for much longer due mobility issues.

Or should I forget the toys of youth and just go for comfort and get a CX5? Or maybe even both!

Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire Vinny…
I think you have answered your on question, and I as an ND (Mk4) owner can certainly recommend them… Any preference, 1.5L 0r 20L? I’d have one more “toy of my youth” if I was you and enjoy every minute… :slight_smile:


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My 2 penny: forget the CX-5.
If you are considering a MK4 while perfectly happy with your MK3, then you don’t need more comfort, so you don’t need the CX-5.
Get the MK4, and keep your MK3 until you know for sure if the MK4 is all the car you need.
Then either sell the MK4 if you can’t leave with it, or make someone on here happy by selling your MK3 if you no longer need it.
You might be better off with a soft top MK4. And as you can afford the upgraded 2 litre, get that.
Life’s too freaking short, and the world is already full of fake 4x4’s.


Hi Vinny
Buy both the Mark 4 and the CX5,i have a mark 4 ND2 2 litre,i also had a ND1 but def consider the ND2 the better car overall,also i have a Vitara which overall i use more than the MX5,that is what makes the Mazda special amazing,it is not my every day driving car,yesterday with lovely weather i went to visit my son at Bicester,driving the lovely twisty road between Thame and Bicester through Long Crendon,in the whole journey not a single car on the road, and it is just like an alpine road,the cobwebs were certainly blown out of the MX,so buy both,i am 75 this year and just starting to get a bit cranky,but ■■■■■■ it all.

All best Simon

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Not all CX5’s are fake 4x4’s…but all are better to drive and far more reliable than the dreadful go to choice of JLR products, and the dealers are better.
200k miles, 9 years, and 4 CX5’s used in all conditions on and off road, across fields, farm tracks, the moors, you name it. (Wife breeds and trains Gundogs)
A very underrated car imho.
To the OP, MX5 ND all the way. As I’ve leaned, eventually, we only get one go at this, so if you want to and can, just do it.

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We have both a mk3 and a cx5. Very different cars… We always use the mx5 unless we need the size and tow bar of the cx5. I also have a bmw 140 (smallest bmw but very fast) which is the ‘middle option’ and as such hardly gets any use now. If I had to lose one car, it would be the BM. If I was only allowed to keep one car, it would be the BM I kept. (Mx5 too small, cx5 too big for a ‘do everything daily’).

I would also say, and I don’t know your personal circumstances, that when you start acting old, or unwell, or unfit, then that is when you start to become old, unwell or unfit. Don’t prempt getting old, hold on to driving the convertible for as long as you can.

My dad is 88 and still has a couple of motorbikes which get regular use. He sold his Vincent twin about 15 years ago because he thought he was getting too old for it. He regrets that decision (as do I :rofl:).


Thanks for the replies. It would be a top spec 2.0 ND. and / or a petrol CX5.

Some great little roads out there… I’d often drive from Winslow to Bicester, through the Claydons, Calvert - Great fun, always had to keep a good lookout for farming vehicles etc :slight_smile:

Erm, I was merely trying to motivate the OP, and I wasn’t going to compare suv’s.
True, a 4wd CX-5 is very capable, especially in snow and ice.
But it takes more than a 4wd system to make a proper 4x4.

I don’t have the CX 5 or an ND.
BUT have looked at both in depth certainly last year for the CX.
Mine is a NC 3.75 and like you, love it.

For my opinion, I think the suggestion from “Christophe1” would be a good bet.
Also, the fact the second hand prices are very strong at the moment. So if you decide to keep the ND and sell the NC you would get more selling it on this forum than say a part exchange perhaps?
Having read opinions and reviews, the MK 4 ND is not to “everyones tastes” for a few reasons.
I have read on here that some have bought the ND and sold it and gone back to the NC.
Not sure what the position is currently on having a test car for a few days?

My only one strong piece of advice, “Do it soon while you can, life creeps up far too quickly”.
Whatever you decide enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Hi Scarletpimpernel. That’s something I’d not heard. Can you say what things some have found not to like about the ND?



Hi Vince… I have owned my 2018 ND2 2Litre for about 8 months now and absolutely love it…
All I’ve heard is that the ND is a little more compact inside, so those who are very tall and/or have a slightly larger girth may prefer the NC. So if you fit comfortably in the ND, it’s the one to have…Just my opinion! :slight_smile:


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Hi Vince
I own a soul red mk4 and get loads of comments on how nice it looks . I don’t think you’d regret getting one , you only live once :grinning::+1:


Of course, (as you asked).
These are not my opinions mind. They have been documented and given by various members over time.

  1. Smaller cabin space.
  2. The seats are not as comfortable as the NC and give people back ache.
  3. No glove box. (Maybe not a deal breaker of course).
  4. Rear suspension issues. (Documented on various threads on here).
  5. The RF is not a true open top (which I agree with).
  6. The quality in the plastics are not as good.
  7. Some have apparently got paint issues.
  8. The i stop not functioning as it should for some.
  9. Battery issues.
  10. The quality of the metal panels seem to be tinny. ( I can vouch for that on the Mazda 2 we had).
  11. The satnav is not particularly good or user friendly (Same as my Mazda 2 and it was rubbish and the worst thing I have ever had).

Just some of which I recall to hand.
The ND is a good looking car and indeed I do love the soul red colour.

I did look at swapping my 3.75 a couple of years ago,(like your good self) but I just felt mine was better and suited me and my wife more.

It’s not our daily driver just a fun/holiday car.

It’s also fair to say many others do not have the same opinion and love the ND to bits.
Others will tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
At the end of the day the good or bad and different opinions will apply to all models of car.
If you like it then buy it is the bottom line based on what you think is right. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Thanks Scarletpimpernel

I am a tad broad in the beam, but a test ride will see if that’s a problem.

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I swapped a 3 year old Golf GTI and an MX5 Mk1 for a new 2.0 ND in Soul Red - I do not regret it for one second, but my wife has another car that we can use for moving stuff/kids. I only do about 6k miles a year and I really look forward to just driving my new car (had it 3 weeks now).

Yesterday I went out for a 25 mile drive down some country roads near home, which I did “just because”. We are all a long time dead, so as Nike say, just do it!

Here are a couple of pictures to motivate you…new ND front New ND Lake


Have a 2018 ND 2.0 in Soul Red and a 2019 CX-5 2.0 petrol auto in Eternal Blue.
CX-5 is the family car, very pleased with it so far, it’s been faultless. Lovely finish on it for sensible money. Only slight complaint is I wish it had a bit more power, they fit a 2.0 or 2.5 turbo in the USA.
It’s gets there, but takes a while sometimes, it’s definitely a cruiser.
Handles well though, not much body roll.
Billy bonus is as they are similar engines, so some parts might be interchangeable if I got stuck.