Show Anniversary Display

In 2014 we held an incredible colour coded display of early roadsters and MX-5s, it’s been requested every year since, so for this Anniversary event we are staging another display of the Mk1s as well as 1989 Registered, Le Mans and  Anniversary model MX-5s all to be parked in formation. it is going to be quite a sight and a very special display to be part of.

All cars featured in the display area will also receive a special limited edition rally mug (to collect on the day) as part of your booking and display. The designer of the original MX-5 Tom Matano will also be meeting owners on the day and will also be autographing some members cars parked in the Display Area. Please note Cars will be selected at random on the day, Tom is only able to sign a limited number.

Spaces in the display are limited. Early booking is recommended

Cut off for booking is Tuesday 10th September. 

Please Note

You will be posted out an extra pass for display on arrival approximately 1 week before the event. This will contain timings to meet Tom Matano and details on him autographing cars.
This pass will also act as your exchange voucher for your Rally mug.

This display area pass does not grant you access to the event. 

Members will be required to display Rally pass posted in August edition of the Club Magazine, this pass is required to enter the event. Non Members can join the Club prior to the event to gain entrance or pay the regular entrance fee on the day.

See for more details


Book Here

All signed up - there’ll be at least one Sparkle Green on display 

Will this be on the Saturday and Sunday or just on one of the days. 


The Rally day and Display is on Sunday.

Signed up, must have some red ones

Don’t think Red ones will be the problem! ;-) 







A Laguna Blue '93 will be in the lineup :slight_smile:

My very first event, in my very first MX5 … I collect it on the 1st September and am already booked in the 30AE area 

First event/mx5 for me also. I’ll be in the anniversary area with another laguna blue, '95.


Seriously thinking of going to this!! My Eunos is being fixed on the 9th of September, so just in time.


I have a Silver '98 1.8 RS Eunos edition. 

Booked, Montego Blue S-Spec 2 on scruffy 15" BBS. My 21st year of membership.

Also our first event and hoping our tatty MX5 doesn’t offend anybody!

Mostly British Racing Green…

Anyone had acknowledgement of their booking for this at all please?

Booked my LM in a week or more ago but not heard anything.

I appreciate it says passes will be issued 1 week prior to the meeting but … ?


Hi Doug

Check your spam filters there are confirmation emails send to the address you put in on the ticket page,

Might you be able to each out to other Le Mans owners that you might know? Roger was meant to be, but low uptake is making it hard to put the Le Mans where they were planned to go in the middle.

Not sure how to check ‘spam filters’? We had a similar issue with a confirmatory email to my wife about something completely different. ‘It never arrived’ and was ‘possibly in the spam folder’, which we don’t have!

Still, at least I know now what was sent from the OC. A friend sent me a copy of the email he received 

'Fraid I can’t help with other LM owners any more. I handed over the entire LM history/register I compiled to Andrew Fearon, the club archivist, a number of years ago.  

Thought it was more important it was stored and maintained within the club archives than with an interested third party.

Signed up - need to add a splash of Sunburst Yellow

I assume Tom won‘t be offended if you don’t want your car signed

No, just fill in the box to say you don’t want to be included in the draw for autographing.

I’ve tried to pay for this and the payment faled Can someone please contact me about this