Show mpg? Mk3

Is there a way to bring up MPG on the clocks for my 2007 2.0 sport?

I know it won’t be great on these old engines but just curious to see.

Not on that year fill your tank up drive for 200 miles fill again make sure the garage you use the price stays the same per ltr then work it out be close enought

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Thank you. Very basic clocks then.

Divide the litres by 4.5…that will give you your gallons. Divide you miles covered by your gallon figure, that will give you your overall consumption. Simples.

I just prefer not to think about it :grinning:


I’ve tracked our 2007 Sport since we purchased it:

Average over 13,539 miles is 40.47 mpg.

Low of 34.2 (during MOT time), best of 43.33.

It’s not a daily driver which helps massively, but more than happy averaging over 40 :+1:

It’s only I had a FN2 Type R before and driving normal in the city resulted in 26mpg was hoping for a bit better so 30 and over is a bonus to me.

Will fill up and put the trip meter on.

Twice I’ve monitored the consumption, both on tours/holidays trips. Its returned (2007 2ltr sport) 39mpg and 37mpg which I was surprised and happy with. For saying the car had been fully loaded each time with luggage and both trips were around Northumberland and Scotland respectively it’s not doing too bad.

I’ve used one of these: for many years, which runs off the OBDll socket. Once set up, it gives continuously accurate fuel consumption (instant and average), range, a host of other information going on under the bonnet, fault codes if and when they occur, plus much more info too long to list here. The display unit can be mounted easily in a convenient place on the dashboard.

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Yes, I can regularly average 37mpg on a run with my 2008 2.0L Sport, but pottering around town, with lots of gearchanges, it soon drops to nearer 30mpg.

My average is 36mpg with a high of 43mpg on long runs/holiday trips.
I don’t really care tho’ it’s all about smiles per miles. :grin:

Haven’t got a clue really as for us it’s for fun not mpg, leave that to our other car, put in about £30-35 of fuel and get about 200 miles of fun :smirk: that’s a 2007 2ltr.

Yeah sorry.

I should have said we only bought ours for the mpg

No fun allowed


Whats MPG ??? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
I just get in, drive, enjoy and put back under wraps.

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I’m getting about 1.5 months per gallon still at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. I get 75 ish out of my corolla does that count

  2. mx5 I don’t care because of 1