Show n shine anyone?

For all sorts of reasons, main one being my new car was nowhere near good enough to display  I never got to see this part of the rally. Did it happen and if so, are there any pictures? Not seen anything posted yet. I presume results and stuff will be in next STHT issue. 


indeed, results in next STHT, and possibly online before if we get our act together… 

Thank you Martin, look forward to it 


I did take part in the show n shine , but did not manage to get back after the record , as i went on track so i don’t know who won what … but i did get 98/100 on my first try 

this would have been a 99 if i had cleaned the inside of my petrol cap  , and exhaust could have been more polished it said on my sheet   so how many points do you need for a 

place ? 


Hi Martin, thank you for a great show, I entered my Mk1 N5 SDT in the The Show & Shine but forgot to ask for my result sheet, is there any chance of it being sent to me at all please?

Thank you

Regards Don


I’ll find out, Chase me again if you don’t get an answer in a few days… 



There are a few photos on the MX5OC Facebook page. Mine is the black MK4, although didn’t win. Hope this helps.

It’s tough out there!  If it’s any consolation, at Ragley Hall national last year, I was competing against some spectaculnar cars in the mk3 class. The car in my avatar, I got 297/300 or 99/100 in each of the three areas judged and didn’t get a sniff!  A very high standard of preparation from the 1st and 2nd place deserved winners!  Dare not show my face in the current car 



Wow if it’s that tough I think I will concentrate on driving it and having fun… Thanks ???