Shuttleworth Trust Wings and Wheels

Shuttleworth Wings and Wheels Airshow

We have enquired about having a display area for the MX-5’s at this event in a celebration of 25 years since its UK launch, the organisers are delighted to have us celebrate our anniversary with them. This is a fantastic event with a good collection of cars and an old fashioned flying display where the planes are not miles away, as you can see from a photograph I took at a previous event here.

We have had some interest in the trip and although it is not until August the organisers would like an idea of numbers as soon as possible.

The cost is £21 per person which is a discounted group rate that we have been offered, in addition to the shows we have full access to the Shuttleworth collection including the Swiss Gardens.

Here is a link to the website:

Please PM me if you are interested in joining us


List so far:

Pete & Val    1 car                        Martin & Elaine    1 car.              Peter & Wendy (possibly).                                            

Jan                1 car                         Jane & Andy        1 car

Kim & Paul   1 car                       Fred & Angela       1 car               

Robert           1 car                        Liz & Paul              1 car

Steve             1 car                         Brian & Sally        1 car

David & Sue 2 cars                     Andy & Cathy         1 car

 add  Martin & Elaine

        Jane & Andy

if we have got our own Area   might be nice to take the club Gazebo , and have a picnic of BBQ   

Updated Martin, web page was correct already, great to have our gazebo and flags