Sill And Wheel Arch Repairs plus Re-Spray: Prices, Recommendations?

 Hoping someone can throw some light on the subject. I want to get the sills a wheel arches repaired plus a re-spray on my Mk1 V Tec. I’ve shown the car to four local body shops and had quotes: £1600, £2500, £3600 and £4000. There are various dings and scratches on most panels, but nothing large. A range of a few hundred pounds I could understand, but a range of £2400!?

I want a good job, so expect to pay the going rate. Can anyone tell me how much they paid for something similar, and can anyone recommend someone in Surrey? I’m in Coulsdon, about 20 minutes north of Gatwick and don’t mind travelling a bit of a way within reason. Any advice would be much appreciated.

The 2.5k quote is nearest, in my opinion & unfortunate experience, to being reasonable but probably edging up to £2,800.

Budget roughly £400.00 per side for sills, then a quality pre-prep ( vital), then full paint.

You need to bear in mind that until the sills are opened up, it’s difficult to guess how much restoration is needed until exposed bu they can get into the internal sills with a scope by removing the plastic trims inside behind the doors. A pro would do that but a “tooth sucker” might not…in which case I’d walk away.

Really depends on how far you want them to go eg fully “bagged” job including lights off, door shuts etc…or just a decent mask-off.

A good respray would be around £2k + just on it’s own I’d wager.

Scotland by the way but I’d find similar variances here too.

Hi, Always give the work to an MX5 Specialist / Enthusiast, they know how these cars are put together and how valuable they are as modern classics. The MX5 restorer down the road from you, Hastings area i think, are always well regarded. Not too far to drive for a job that you  know will have been done properly instead of adequately.  Whoever you use post up how you get on Bud, we all need to know whos doing good work Thumbs up 


My car had similar work, including a full re-spray, done by the previous owner and according to the invoice it cost £1700. I also would go to an MX-5 specialist, that way you not only know that you will get quality work but they will be trading on their reputation so they should do the work that needs doing rather than taking liberties.

Here here, support the people who love and know these car`s for what they are. They need the work to make a living and we need them for their enthusiasm and expertise. Thumbs up 


 £2.500 should be around the right mark for a A1 job, all done.


 Thanks for your input everyone. I’ve decided to go with a local guy around the corner from me, at £2500. When he looked at my car I quizzed him about the sills and inner sills, and his replys gave me confidence he knew what he was talking about. I’m going to get him to give me a call when he cuts out the metal so that I can see what lies behind. I will post an update to let you all know the results.

 Start and progress photoes would be good to see what that cost entailes. Will be great for your cars history too. Should last a good many years putting that sort of money into the project. Good luck for a fantastic result Thumbs up

 Hi,I knowwe are a fair bit north from you but a local body shop that we in Tayside have been using for past four years has done lots of Mk1’s and Mk2 Mx5’s. Very good quality workmanship,also now very knowledgeable (he has done 10.12 cars that i know of including 2 for me and sons Gleneagles twice  !! second time after it was made a cat C right off !! 

     He will give you an honest quote and if he thinks it is too much for him/you then he will tell you so !! just refused to do extensive welding on a 1996 Mk1 !!. I have photo.s of most of the cars he has done and if required can give names and tel numbers of happy customers too.

  I believe the highest price paid for a serious amount of work on a Mk1 California was around  £1500  !! Owner is on this forum and can verify this if he see’s this post, all 3 off mine were less than that ! this includes,wheel arch/cill repairs/replacements and full resprays !!

   Scottish mmbers have travelled from outwith the Dundee/Tayside area to have work done by him and his merry men. He trades as North Isla Street Motors,owner is Paul and if required i can send anyone his contact details.

Please note that i do not have any other reason to reccomend him other than as a very happy customer.Big Smile