Sill Drain Holes

I know its a bit of an odd request but does anyone have a pic of the cross section of a sill that shows the sill drain points

My car has been previously repaired and some bright spark filled in the drain holes.Angry

I’m currently repairing both sills and want to reintroduce the drainage but am unsure the routing of the holes Thinking

Do they go all the way through the whole sill or just the outer skin ?


Thanks in advance

 You should have two on either side of all the jacking points.


Thanks again Mazda-mender

Do you know if these go through all the layers of the sill or just the outer

After searching the forum people have mentioned pushing things up into them so I am guessing that they go through all layers but it would be great to confirm



They go straight through.

 we tend to forget that the sill,s fill up with water i now check every month or so on my 5

the main reason  is my day car is a 7 seater zafira and one day i thaught i heared petrol sloshing about in the tank as it was low on fuel

When i got home i noticed a drip comeing from the sill so i lay down to look and noticed

four rubber bungs along the bottom of the sill.

I pulled one out and

well it took ten min,s to empty so from this i learned a lesson Wink

These are not a standard fit—

 geoff the bungs are in the zafira not the five

the zafira is 2 years old i got it from new.

oh and should you not be in bed! it is gone midnight in Aus at the moment Smile

ps i will be in Sydney soon

And i am hopeing to see some great looking 5s 


I’m looking at some german e bay stuff [model steam engines] so a late night/early morningWink

Enjoy Sydney, plenty of '5s, though not much different to the ones back in UK

Just in case this is new to anyone (it was to me) I cleared out my sill drain holes today after twice noticing  drips once I’d reversed off the drive (drive slopes to front of car).

When I cleared them out there was LOADS of water inside on the passenger side, and I mean LOADS.

2 minutes work (with a 1.5mm allen key as it’s just the right size) every now and again to presernve 13 year old original sills is well worth it!



Maybe even more important for your sills is to occasionally check the drain tubes behind the seatbelt turrets are clear.  Rainwater isn’t supposed to drain through the sills.  It only gets in there if the proper drain tubes get blocked and overflow.

glad to be of help


check your sills

I’m gonna do this thing tonight!

I noticed water sloshing for the first time yesterday in the drivers sill.  I found a small jewellers screwdriver both short enough and sturdy enough to clear the holes front and back.  They were so clogged that it took a good 5 minuites on each to work them clear, I guess they have been clogged for many years.  I have always checked the door pillar drains regularly (using semi-stiff electrical cable) but had never heard of the sill drains. So many thanks for the advice!

Looks like both sills are getting close to requiring some repairs at the rear. Anyone know of any decent/ well priced mechanics near Wolverhampton that have been used to do this?