Silverstone Classic 2021 - Member Discussion

I see tickets are now on sale…

Does anyone know when the discount code for the 2 for 1 offer will be available?

That’s some serious forward planning, for 2121! :slight_smile:

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Hotel already booked.

The local premier inns haven’t twigged the date yet…

I seem to recall that 2020 tickets simply roll over to 2021 or does one have to reapply and get a free one ? B an B booked- along with the Goodwood Members’ Meeting the Classic is a highlight of the motorsport year for me . The circuit may be by far the worst place in Britain to watch racing , but access to paddock and pit garages makes even 3 days barely enough to see , and hear ! , what I want .

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Yes, mine have.

Now I’m on their list I also still receive all the Silverstone emails…

I know I’m repeating what’s already been asked on here, but there doesn’t seem to have been a reply so… do any of the Club admins know what the club-specific booking code is for the 2021 (not 2121 as per post title!!) Silverstone Classic? I’m aware that 2020 tickets will rollover, which I guess effectively means that a lot of tickets are sold already! I didn’t buy any 2020 tickets and have already booked a local hotel so am anxious to get my 2021 tickets ASAP!

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Any update on the club code?

I’m keen to purchase some tickets as a gift.

I share your pain BlueBird67, for the reasons previously stated I’m also keen to know the code ASAP. I recently asked this question in the “Ask the chairman” category in this forum, the reply was “The info will be in the forthcoming STHT and in an update email to members shortly”. I’ve scoured the new issue of STHT and can find nothing, nor have I heard anything by email. I really don’t understand why they appear to be being so secretive. The tickets have been available on the Silverstone Classic website for quite a while now so I assume all the car clubs have been issued with the code - so why can’t the club just share it with us? I fear there is something we don’t know - perhaps they’re effectively all sold, since 2020 tickets were to automatically roll over to 2021…?

Chaps check your magazine…


Page 12

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Ah! How did I miss that? :thinking: I think I was looking for a news item, not a sneaky full page advert…! :open_mouth: Thanks guys!

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well I enjoyed that game of “Where’s Wally”

Can anyone confirm that 2020 code is correct for the 2121 event?

Yes! I was slightly concerned about that too, however I’ve just booked my tickets using that code, and the confirmation emails definitely state 2021! Total cost was £122.50 for a weekend ticket (car and 2 adults), including a programme (£10) and tracked postal delivery of the tickets (£7.50)


See you all there!

Unusually it didn’t ask for the car reg this year…

Check your confirmation email - there’s a link to add the car details!

I wanted a Friday July 2021 ticket for me & my car ( my wife is not interested in cars)
in the Club area. Unfortunately the only option open to me was to purchase a general
single entry ticket, £39, of course not in the designated MX5 area.
I was able to purchase a single entry for the MX5 area in 2019.
Maybe an email to Silverstone help line will enable me to get a single access to the
MX5 area in 2021?

Thanks !

I hadn’t looked at the confirmation, which for some reason went to my junk folder…

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There is an option to buy car club packages for individual days - this is for 1 car and 2 people

The price halves when you enter the club specific code…

Hello BlueBird67

Thank you for the information.



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