Silverstone Classic 2121

I see tickets are now on sale…

Does anyone know when the discount code for the 2 for 1 offer will be available?

That’s some serious forward planning, for 2121! :slight_smile:

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Hotel already booked.

The local premier inns haven’t twigged the date yet…

I seem to recall that 2020 tickets simply roll over to 2021 or does one have to reapply and get a free one ? B an B booked- along with the Goodwood Members’ Meeting the Classic is a highlight of the motorsport year for me . The circuit may be by far the worst place in Britain to watch racing , but access to paddock and pit garages makes even 3 days barely enough to see , and hear ! , what I want .

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Yes, mine have.

Now I’m on their list I also still receive all the Silverstone emails…