Silverstone Festival

Is anyone else going to the Silverstone Festival (classic) on the August bank holiday weekend?

Looks like it’s the year of the mx5 so there’s an anniversary parade lap on the Saturday.

I’ve just booked tickets for me and a friend to go up for the the 3 days for £150 with a display pass using the club discount.

Been a few times now and it’s been brilliant every year!

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Of course , as I do every year. I will probably give the parade a miss - the last time I did it was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seven . It involved sitting in the car for about an hour before the lap and then driving gently around the track waving to a largely indifferent crowd . But it’s fun if you want to drive on the same Tarmac as Lewis, and as you go around Copse at 55mph it’s worth remembering that Lando Norris and his chums enter the same corner at about 180mph .

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Is there options to camp at the track?

Look on the Silverstone website - loads of stuff on there. And yes , you can camp , but not infield