Last few days to book to come to Silverstone. It is the full, new, Arena GP Circuit, so the one Butten and co will be on later in the year. It also happens to be Ma5da Racing’s launch day so will be uber fun.

Silverstone has masses of run off so really one of the safest circuits and the price includes two extra drivers and free novice tuition. What more could you ask for?

 Will see you all tomorow Big Smile

Shame I’m not driving but with out wheel and brake pads there not much point.

 I had a good last outing in Uma before embarking on a slow racing year…
was a little un nerving to hear tyre squealing from behind only to realise the BMW was drifting each corner as fast as I could go round it normally…!!!
Random photos from the day

The old (1974) porsche was a real fire breathing monster see 2 mins in on the video!!!

photos from a striped out Mk3 with custom front nosecone

so thats how a 1.6 goes so quick???

Was a hard day for some as the Race cars were undertaking into corners…I wouldn’t have wanted to be a novice at this level.

And Video… 4 quickish laps of the 3.67 mile new GP Arena
the Federal RSR’s keeping up with the extra weight of my car VS the striped out race cars
Why use R888’s …I could feel Very little difference.

Thanks Again To MOT and The Ma5da drivers

Oh and was Nice to meet the Owners Club new Motorsport coordinator…Mr Peleton72 step forward


Cheers Alan!

Looks like you took pretty much the same photos as me!!!

Good luck with your plans for this year, I’ll be cheering you on from the pit wall Thumbs up

To those that missed yesterday…what a day! And please have a look at the thread in this section about to go live about Silverstone later this month…its a freebie you know!!!


Wow, my little green car is in there!

Felt like i was going backwards people were passing me so quickley!! I think i improved a little towards the end, but as it  was my first ever time out on track i’ll stick to that as my excuse!! Stick Tongue Out


Hi Alan,

I was there yesterday too - fantastic day and I got a spin in a race-prepped Mk3. Cool

Anyway here’s a pic of  Uma i snapped in the morning session.

PS. Good luck in Max5 this year.

Hey Jonny, did you get any more pictures? I thought I saw you trackside in the purple bib!

I was in the silver M3. :slight_smile:

 Great photos.

Very cold day but Blendini team very welcoming - shame Tom’s new Mk 111 had an electrical problem, but the few laps he got in as passenger in that Ariel Atom probably was a consolation.

Very nice salad from the cafe behind the pits as well as some welcome, warming coffees.

The car that I traveled down in (Black turbo  ANZ reg. pictured above) blew a stud out of the Turbo manifold just past the Severn bridge but held together no probs for the following 200 miles there and back. What a great car. The turbo really gives this small sportster the oomph it deserves, my Mk1 1600 wil never be looked on in the same light again (kidding!!!).




T’was me, Only stuck at it for an hour or so as the light was pretty lousy and it was bl**dy freezing!

I think I have some of you in the M3 - I’ll have a look tonight.

Oh, and i had a go in that supercharged Atom too - Whoa, what a piece of kit!!!

 Great Pics Alan and Jonnie boy,

well other than Alan’s one of me. Seem’s I need to run up that pit lane a bit more.

Was really nice to talk to Jon as well and I hope his new role brings to the club what it needs.

I will be at Bedford in my car on the 21st March so if any want to come say hi please do.—monday-21st-march-2011-284-p.asp



 That will be Brands Hatch in Bedfordshire then! Rolling eyes  Big Smile


It’s Bedford, a great circuit, same length as Silverstone, no Armco to damage cars and very large amounts of run off and the usual friendly smiling faces.

And a bloody good deal at the moment. Contact me for a special OC price.

 Don’t no what you talking about Sir

o and thank you to MOT motosport tyre fitter I now have new tyres for the KA at a dam great price with a great service.

Some rare pics of Al - not going sideways!!!Big Smile

A few of the race cars…

And a few of the road cars…

You star!! :smiley:

 Hi There,

Did you get any pics of the slowest car on track, my silver MK2 with the boot rack??




I did indeed get some…


 Thanks very much Jon, appreciated as I was on my own and no opportunity to get any