Simply Japanese Beaulieu - Sunday 24th July 2022

24 th July 2022, is the OC doing this event? I want to book tickets. But I would prefer to go with the OC if you have a stand.

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Hi Matt,

There is a Club space booked, but there are not any instructions yet, think it is just book tickets and they’ll do passes later on that will park people together. They have their own way of working at Beaulieu.

I’ll post any instructions when they come.

Ok thank you. I’ll book my tickets then and wait to see what happens

To everyone going to Simply Japanese on Sunday 24th July 2022 who would like to park up on a Club stand, please get in touch here by 8th July and we will sort out Club stand passes.

These Passes are free to add to your existing ticket and there will be space reserved for you in the event until 10.30am.

You can book your participant tickets here.


Entry with your Japanese car is from 8.30am – 2pm. Please make sure you have your ticket printed, ready to be scanned on arrival.

Can you put me on the stand. I have already bought a ticket for the event

Anymore info?

I may be to late but if possible please add me to the stand, only just seen this post.

just waiting on them getting sent

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Please find attached your club label – please can this be distributed amongst your club members prior to the event. Please ensure that they print this label and display it in their windscreen upon entry to the event, this ensures that all members wishing to park within your club area are directed to the correct parking location by our stewards.

We do ask that all individuals have purchased their tickets on an individual basis in advance via our website, as no tickets will be sold on the day of the event. This can be done on our website here until 2pm on the day when admission closes: Simply Japanese | 24th July 2022 | Beaulieu, National Motor Museum

Note that we do have two entrances available, one is exhibitors gate at the bottom of the hill as you come in to Beaulieu, with the other being the normal Simply event entrance within the attraction. Either entrance is fine to use and both are open from 8.30am, with the exhibitors entrance closing around 11am.

We look forward to welcoming you to Beaulieu next weekend for Simply Japanese.

G15 MX-5 Owners Club.pdf (150.1 KB)

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Smashing day at Beaulieu today. Unfortunately I had to unexpectedly shoot off … but looking forward to the next meet. Many thanks Graham

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