Skuzzle Motorsport closing

Sadly it would seem that Skuzzle Motorsport
have made the decision to close.
Obviously a well respected company and a sad loss to the MX5 community.

never been but only heard good things , its a shame :worried:

I heard about this earlier today. I’ve never used Skuzzle but a friend with an NA had very good things to say about them.

Always sad to see a reputable business closing.

I’m sorry to hear this. They’re good guys.

A great shame indeed. :confused: Great helpful blokes and professional. They did my fast road package with meticulous work.
Extremely limited now down this neck of the woods.
All the very best guys if you happen to read the thread. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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This popped up on FB, I copied the body of text.

"Originally I hated this photo that got leaked onto the Internet by family and picked up by a certain customer / friend who’s been using it against me at every opportunity…
But it seems really fitting right now as it fits the mood of what I’m about to say.

Skuzzle Motorsport Ltd is closed for good.

Its been a good run over the last 10 years and I’ve had some amazing times, some really awesome customer… I’ve seen some epic builds and made a huge amount of friends… Even that 1 who keeps bringing up this photo.

But ultimately its time to close the doors now while I’ve got my sanity (hmm) and health. I’ve watched the mx5 world go from amazing to wrecked drift car. I’ve seen the build budget go from sensible to DIY price and it’s not a market I want to stay a part of if I’m honest.
Everyone wants the world on a great big forged plate and they want it for pennies.
I have 2 choices. Do a poor job and be able to lower prices to compete or move on to better things.

I can’t do a poor job so I’m out.

But it’s not just that. I don’t feel like I can remain as a business owner in the uk either as I’ve seen the state of the UK and it scares me. Better to bail out while I can do it clean than to wait until the economy ruins me.
Ive had enough time to think and plan.

So there you go.

Ive waited through lockdown as its been a hard decision to make. I had to be sure it was right and to be honest I still wasn’t convinced until I saw the news showing people on top of people everywhere… Beaches… Protests… Parties…

That made this really easy as wave 2 would have wiped me out and the risk of that happening is huge.

Looking forward to 20 years time seeing rare skuzzle parts on ebay for 100 times what they were new.


I didn’t copy the picture

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Wow :hushed:

I never used them either but read great things, this is a real shame but to be honest what he’s said, you can’t argue with!

Is the photo worth posting for those of us without Facebook?

I don’t know if I can? Let me have a look.


Not the most mx5 related pic but who cares!


Wow that is a sad end to something that I thought was so great. Any idea what the future will bring for staff and the workshops? It will be a shame to loose all that knowlege and expeience.
P.S. That is a lovely dragon and what a garden.
Chin up and see you somewhere soon.

I went their just before Christmas to go over my car and and go through some options. They were really helpful.

I like to think he had been thinking of making a change and lock down has given us all time to evaluate what’s important.

I had the Fast Road conversion on my 1.6 MK1 and only have great things to say about them so this is tragic news but I fully understand the reasoning behind closing. These are difficult times and if you want a quality job you have to pay for it. Just glad I had it done when I did. Didn’t want to go the turbo or supercharger route to more power and 145 BHP is enough for me right now. Get it in the rev range and she’s a rocket ship. Just wanted to wish the lads all the best for the future in whatever they decide to do. I’m glad my car has received some skuzzle magic from Nick and the boys. You’ve been awesome

I don’t know what’s so embarrassing about the photo. Peppa Pig World is great and I’ve got a digital version (done as an example in a Computing lesson) of me on George’s dinosaur as my work e-mail userpic .:t_rex:

On a more pertinent note it’s sad to see a well respected company decide to pack it in whatever the reasons, and I wish him the best for the future.

The sight of the Skuzzle car being pushed over the finish line at Anglesey at the end of the Race of Remembrance will always stay with me as an example of their fantastic spirit as a company. Sorry to hear of them going it’ll be a great loss to the MX5 community.

I never did business with them, but my one experience from a customer care angle was positive insofar I enquired about their ECUs for my Mk1 auto, and a couple of other hoped performance aspects.
I got a reply by mail explaining why I’d be wasting money, unless I included more involved package to make the most.
That’s integrity…all too rare these days.
After that, I’d buy from him if he re-appears in another form.

Perhaps a bit of good news for a change. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just spotted this on the Skuzzle Motorsport Face Book page.
Looks like not all is lost, but perhaps limited.
Hopefully can build it back up who knows…

“Hey guys great news! As you are probably aware by now, over the lockdown period I decided to close down Skuzzle Motorsport Ltd. It’s been quite an emotional process for myself and many of you, but I have since been given a fantastic opportunity within an independent garage in Basingstoke.
Myself and the rest of the team at DEMEC Car Services are all hoping that you will follow me as we have made room for all of you guys.
Although we will be unable to take on some of the services that Skuzzle Motorsport provided, there are many that we can, including all regular repairs and servicing, installation of most aftermarket upgrade parts, and even some EcuTek and OBD tuning. We also offer a free collection / drop off service for customers within a 15 mile radius of Basingstoke”.
01256 359994