Took delivery of a new 1.5 SE-L last week and it feels more aggressive than my previous 1.5 Icon 2016. Is it just my imagination? Not complaining though.

No, you’re not imagining things, the 1.5l was given a tweak last year(?) about the same time as Mazda introduced the new version of the 2.0l engine.

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Hi Macclad
I had a 2015 N.D 1 2 litre which i think was 155 bhp which i was very pleased with,then i brought a 2019 N.D.2 2 litre which not only had more b.h.p but a very different engine in lots ways,and also in lots ways a very different car,the difference between the two is amazing powerwise,the N.D 2 is like a rocket the pulling power is much more consistent and even uses less petrol,a really all round amazing car.

All best Simon

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Hi Macclad, I bought a new ND2 SE+ 1.5 a year ago, which has now done 4,000 miles, and the difference from new is very noticeable. Don’t believe the modern fable that cars come already run in from the factory, as it simply isn’t true. I’m sure that like me you will find the engine performs a lot better in all respects with some miles under its belt.


Hi Team
Yes i gorgot to mention both my MX5,the ND1,and the ND2,were totally different cars once they had got about two to four thousand miles on them,both werre very disapointing for the first thousand miles which i expected.


That’s good to hear, my ND2 has just done its first 1k miles and I was hoping it would loosen up some more as all a bit gruff so far.

I have to be honest and say that all my new cars have not ‘loosened up’ with mileage. I am now seventy so have had few and none of them ‘improved’ with mileage.
pmba if yours feel ‘gruff’ now I would have it checked out sooner rather than later. It should be smooth.


Due its first service in Sept, so will give it some beans before then on a long run or two. I am getting 44mpg on shell unleaded so maybe time for a heavier right foot now it’s well run in.

My ND2 at 5,500 is definitely becoming more lively than initially :slight_smile:

I’m pleased to hear another vote for this!

My wife’s petrol auto Honda CRV has just done 30k and to my mind feels smoother and according to the computer, more frugal in its consumption. Could be different driving habits, mind, during Covid.

I’ve understood that “loosening-up” as in “running-in” hasn’t been necessary for decades, and over the years I’ve never noticed any of my cars, Ford, Peugeot, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, “improving” with age.

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My Spitfire 1500 loosened up sufficiently to achieve 15mph higher than any magazine road test, but they rarely test 100k milers. Admittedly the big ends gave out soon after but swapping for a free Dolly 1500 mill cured that, the advantage of club membership.

The other thing that can make cars seem more lively after a while, is that the exhaust may have got noisier!