Slashed ND roof. Repair or replace?

Doesnt scream attempted theft to me by looking at where the cut is. You annoyed anyone? Or maybe unintenially cut someone up or pis sed off via driving? Looks like there have just gone at it

What like a snow leopard or a bengal tiger lol!! What are the cats like from where you are :rofl:

That’s human, these hoods are tougher than sometimes appreciated, does look like a not so sharp knife or other implement has been used.

If you look around I’m sure you can get a replacement for not ridiculous money, maybe Mr Roddison @rodders has one taken off in the prep of a race car?

I think possibly a screwdriver by the white markings, But its something with more size then a knife. Either way Pros - its just a replaceable part, not like acid on paint etc. Just hurts



Insurance Route

So many similarities in our circs of slashed soft top

Did a recent post ‘Soft Top Replacement West Mids’ and chatted with Gunther

Have a read and hope it helps with the decision making


Concur with IanH

" These hoods are tougher than sometimes appreciated"

My ‘slash’ in 2019 was a single slash approx. 5 inches and cleaner and deeper - my first thought was sharp ‘Stanley Knife’

Hope you’ve managed to read my post and it’s helped your decision making :crossed_fingers:

Thanks! Have taken a read… and will be making a couple of phone calls.

Good call I reckon. A screwdriver is most likely…

Before I bought my NA, someone had obviously broken into it in its past life because one quarter light was (a) tinted and (b) a different make of glass. Bless that thief - so much cheaper to fix than a slashed hood!

Having spoken to a few folks, Carhoods Northern sound ace, and have quoted £1,995+VAT for the replacement and fitting of a genuine new Mazda roof. I’m happy to do a trip up to them and leave the car for a day while they do the work.

Are you self funding, how do you mitigate against it happening again? £2,400 is not an insignificant investment.

That would be my concern too… and also why it was attacked (e.g. random or deliberate targeting)?

To explain, my brother parks his MX5 on the road and I’ve lost count of the nuber of times its been ‘attacked’ - several wing mirrors, various random scratches that aren’t accidental, a big dent from a clearly deliberately aimed kick…

Eventually he started parking on a different street a few hundered yards away, which seems to have stopped things, making me wonder if it was a resident who resented him parking in what they percived as ‘their’ space.

So I’d be asking myself before replacing the roof was it just a random event or is it likely to reoccur. (And also if it’s parked on the road, is there a better place to leave it). The damage doesn’t look too bad so if it’s watertight I’d be inclined to leave it for a bit.

It’s parked on the road near my house and I’m on pretty good terms with all our neighbours (it’s still the sort of road where neighbours help each other out). That doesn’t rule out someone being cheesed off with me.

We do have a garage but no driveway where we live. The garage has been a bit full of other stuff since we moved here 2 years ago. Job to get some proper shelving sorted out and hopefully it will have room for both my motorbike and my MX5 in at that point, which will improve security.

You could try trimming/burning off any loose threads and then filling any holes with Stormsure black sealer and then re-dying the roof. This may make the damage look less while you weigh up your options or try to wait for a secondhand roof to come up?

I feel your pain.
I replaced the original plastic old crinkly leaky roof on our MX-5 nb,
with a lovely mohair roof, by Ray from Jack R. Smith Motor Trimmers
of Swansea.

Location is up a service road for some houses. The job duration necessatated
an overnight hotel stay. The replacement roof was stunning!

This replacement roof was knifed 6 months later, while parked in a
garden of one of Hubbys friends. Many of the other cars parked there,
had slashed tyres done at the same time. Apparrently there was some
animosity with a neighbour who was suspected of being behind the car
knifings. Hubby’s friend (wisely) wouldn’t tell me who the neighbour was…

I was very very very upset. This was the reason that when our MX-5 nb got
written off by a truck, the replacement MX-5 nc was a PRHT version.

Anyway give Ray a call. His prices were back in 2015 a fraction of the quote
you received.


And I thought my 2019 slash [single about 5 inches] was bad enough

This is absolutely vicious !

I totally understand why one of your Hubbys friends didn’t want to report it to the police or share the suspect name with you [I was too scared of retaliation in my case]

Any CCTV/Door Cams (?) this individual is clearly very unwell and needs stopping

[Anonymous call to police name of suspect so they can watch him and try and catch him in the act ???]


It’s likely the police already know about him/her