Small stone chips on ND2 bonnet - leave or repair?

So I’ve had my ND2 6 months (from new) and it’s collected at least 3 really small stone chips on the bonnet.
Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on whether using the manufacturer touch up stick would make them worse or better? Obviously not wanting to draw attention to them.
Secondly, since the bonnet is aluminium, would it matter if a chip happened to go through the primer? Or should it be treated with the touch up stick to avoid any risk of oxidisation?

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Hi Sean,
99% of us use these 9ml Genuine Mazda Touch Up Paint, MX5 Mk4 (
I am afraid stone chips are guaranteed to appear on nearly every panel, it’s just a fact of life.
The good news is that with a little care you can camouflage them reasonably well.

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Once you sorted the paint out, I would recommend you getting 3M clear plastic paint protection film and a ceramic coat had my car almost 3 years not a stone chip on her …

Its well worth the money and she has no swirl marks on her either :wink:


Which colour is it?

Mazda touch up is best, mix it well and use a cocktail stick.

If you are keeping it long term paint protection film on the bonnet is advisable, as it’s a low car susceptible to chipping.

PPF from a pro is expensive. Moss do sell a partial bonnet film for the ND.

Thanks all.
Touch up paint with a cocktail stick sounds good.
I do plan to keep it long term. It’s also an everyday car, so I might look at film and/or ceramic protection to.

Thanks again

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On my Eternal Blue ND2 the Mazda touch up paint is a very good system. The cap has a fine glassfibre pad which you moisten with water and use to remove any excess touch up paint around the chip before it is fully dry as per the instructions. I never bother with the laquer coat as this can not be flattened with the abrasive pad. A good coat of wax afterwards and any chips are barely noticeable.

For the full front end and around the windscreen with both mirrors black roof bar on my RF with the side blackouts and Ceramic coating and a one ltr bottle of ceramic spray for after washing was under £300.00 its been well worth it “I had my RX~8 done no chips on the front end after 13 years” …

I found if you don’t use the lacquer, the paint washes off as it’s water based.

You did well there, that’s a good deal.

Here in Cheltenham a front end is £1200!

I’ll have to shop around more.

Anything in Cheltenham is overpriced…lol

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whooo thats expensive my RX~8 full cover was only £470.00 mind you that was 14 years ago and ppl has come along way since then its all about personal choice and if you can afford it ………

I find that price rather hard to believe. PPF material and the relevant skilled labour are quite expensive. I’ve had quotes for Suntek, Xpel and PremiumShield varying from £1,000 to £1,500 for the frontend which the figure mentioned by @glosrich falls within. To have the whole car done including painted roof, it can vary from £2,500 to £3,000.

That is why I said to follow up with a good coat of wax/sealant. The paint will harden itself after a while and will not wash off. The exposed paintwork underneath the bonnet etc. is not lacquered and I would hate to think that it would wash off :grimacing: Not noticed any repairs of the chips on mine washing off.

If it was me with new car depending on how long your going to keep it i would do the ceramic coating and PPF shop around a good company will do it properly in two to 3 days for the full car including wheels……

i had a quote yesterday as i needed a top up bottle of ceramic spray from the people l deal with as a first time customer its £580.00 for the complete car and they have it around 2-3 days …….the reason it was so cheep for me was we have had our 3 cars done by them ……mates rates so to speak :wink:

The only thing l use on the car now is the carbon collective spray after washing

Intriguing idea to skip the clearcoat and use wax so as to leave a flat surface.
Maybe I should try the clearcoat somewhere not noticable to see how raised it ends up being.
Of course now the temperature has dropped and I don’t have a garage … I’ll need to delay my little repairs… It says between 5 and 35 C and I don’t want to be near the extreme.

I found it extremely difficult to apply the laquer in such a way as to not make the repair much more visible. It seems a shame that you can’t treat/finish the laquer in the same way as the colour coat.

The Mazda touch up paint is good. The Soul Red Metallic has a tinted lacquer, so it needs that to colour match.

And you are worried about a small stone chip!!! Imagine how this guy is feeling this morning in Filey!!!


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