Soft top cleaning/re-proofing

Hi, what are the best products for cleaning/re-proofing a fabric soft top? Autoglym / Renovo or something else?

i used the autoglym it works ok as a cleaner but didn’t remove some little mould spots the waterproofer that it comes with beads up lovely

Renvo is the best.

Fabsil, following good cleaning. Renovo has lost its good ingredients apparently unless you have some older can from 2015 .Newer one is not as good .

I wrote this fairly recently:

How to clean and seal a Mohair Hood

(ChrisRS Valeting & Detailing)


A nice sunny day and not too cold is essential to aid drying



Large car soft bristle wash brush

Nail brush

Wet & Dry Vac … set to wet

Dry vac


1" Detailing Brush or 2" NEW Paintbrush

Container for the Sealant

MF cloth

Fabric/Convertible roof sealant…Renovo/Fabsil/ Similar products



In the bucket, mix a mixture, using around 100ml of each of the following:

Johnsons Baby Bath or similar

Milton Sterilising from fluid, to kill Algae spores

Bilt Hamber Surfex APC or similar

Warm water to 3" in the bucket


  1. Wash the roof in sections with the soft brush and then lightly with the nail brush to remove ingrained dirt. Do not apply any pressure

  2. Suck out the moisture with the Wet Vac

  3. Allow to dry for an hour in the sun

  4. Dry vac the roof and leave a little longer


When satisfied that the roof is dry…It doesn’t take long…That’s the nature of Mohair,


  1. Pour the sealant into container and apply section by section with a 1" Detailing brush

  2. Each section should be lightly wiped with the MF cloth after each section

  3. Wipe any Sealant off the glass immediately, or mask and cover the windows, prior to starting


Your Hood should now look brand new again!!

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what am i looking for exactly?




After 6000 miles our ND roof looks like new still. However our 09 Saab roof has markings above the roof joints and the fold points. I have tried a few of the aforementioned products and cannot get rid of these wear marks.  Any suggestions?

This will help, but wear is difficult to sort:

my canvas roof was greening up, and during Internet search, I stumbled across Wet and Forget, a non caustic mould and mildew remover. It’s not marketed at cars, but it’s for all outdoor surfaces. Diluted and sprayed onto the roof as directed - in the evening, no sign of rain, so it doesn’t dry out too quickly. No scrubbing. It takes a few days to act, but it did the job, and it’s still clear weeks later, with no sign of damage.

Quantity sold is aimed at large scale applications, but as it’s ok to use on patios, decking, even as a moss killer, you’ll probably find a use for the rest of the 5 litres (which yields 30 litres of application, diluted with water). £40 ish delivered direct from them (just google the name). Will  likely save you a lot of hassle.

be very interested in other’s results if you try it.

Have used the Renovo three stage cleaner/paint/sealer before and this week helped my daughter with the roof on her Audi TT. If you use the Renovo carefully then it’s an excellent product. Be careful with the paint as it can be a bit messy on the paintwork/glass. Have plenty of clean rags handy. If your really meticulous then masking tape helps. Good Luck!

Just to add to the swathe, Renovo for re-colouring followed by Fabsil Gold for re-proofing. Mine beads water and has done since I re-proofed about 3 months ago.

Soft bristle brush (I used a shoe brush) and some Johnsons baby shampoo to clean it all out prior to re-proofing.

This has also fixed some water ingress issue I was having along the hood rails inside the car.

Hi All, I just cleaned my 03 fabric soft top with Muck-Off biodegradable bike cleaner. It does an amazing job and very easy. I did small areas at a time. spray on, scrub with soft brush and rinse with hose pipe. did it two times and it came up amazing. Also Muck Off is only ~ ÂŁ7.99 for a Ltr.

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Is the Johnsons’/Milton fliud mix suitable for the interior?

I had a blocked drainage hole last year, which led to damp carpets. Everything is now clean & dry but, as a result of the excess moisture, I have mildew on the inside of the roof.

Thanks in advance

I had similar, but removed it with antibacterial kitchen wipes…