Soft top frame identification help

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 1990 mk1 eunos
  2. I’m based near: Harlow, Essex
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: soft top frame identification

Hi all,

Probably a really noob question here but…

Wondering how to tell the difference between the mk1 and mk2 soft top frames please. Ideally without taking off the fabric (can’t trust myself to do it in a day, can’t trust the area I live and mainly can’t trust the good old British weather)

I currently have a mk2 soft top on my mk1 mx5 however it’s really tatty and I intend to replace it later this year, however it sags massively at the back so wondering if it is actually the mk2 fabric, but on a mk1 frame. I know the mk2 has straps on the frame (and my one does), but no idea how to tell if they are original or someone put them on themselves. Are the original straps made of black webbing?

It could just be ill fitting as the previous owner pointed out to me that the guy who had it before him, riveted the top and rain rail wrong way so you can’t put the metal rail over it (I do have these though)

All help would be appreciated, thanks.

The rear hoop on the MK2 frame is sprung to bring it forward as the the hood goes down

Where are these springs please? can they been seen or felt without removing the top? Thank you

They are where the rear hoop joins to the frame at the joint s-l300

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Thank you. Will check when I get home.

Well it would appear I do have a mk2 frame which makes things easier for me. Guess the roof is just ruined or badly fitting. Thank you!

Post a picture of the hood up. Which bolts are the straps fastened to?

Sorry for the delay… here it is up so you can see it sags at the back. This is where they are bolted (same place both sides) I feel like they should be bolted further round?

The straps should be sandwiched between the body and the metal rail that clamps to the body, in your photo it looks like they are outside the rail.

Edit… looking again, it seems you have no metal clamp rail around the base of the roof. Fitting the 3 rail pieces will have the effect of tightening the straps.


Thank you. When I replace the soft top, I’ll install them. I do have the metal rail but need tidying up and repainting