Soft Top Hardtop Binders - A new design folks!

As promised at our 22nd January I repeat below Mr Iain Fleming’s email regards the new design of the Soft Top Hardtop Binder. 


Pleased to say the New Soft Top Hardtop Storage Binders have arrived and can now be found online on the Club shop,
Price is inclusive of postage and a Multi-buy discount is also available on a purchase off 2 Binders (saving £1.50 per binder).
The Binders are hand made in the UK for the Club by a traditional bookbinding firm who now specialise in these binders. The recent changes to the magazine meant testing of the binder’s cord storage system and an  update to the external artwork and the tooling for the process for the foil embossing.
The binder is consistently one of our most popular items in the Club store and we appreciate all the patience while the changes took place and we are pleased to make this new binder available.
As we phase artwork changes in on Club materials, further new and updated items will be heading out to coordinators in the coming year.
Kind Regards
Iain Fleming
Go on treat yourself!       Jim Keeley  North West Midlands