Soft top rubber seal maintenance?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: ND
  2. I’m based near: Ribble Valley
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:
    I’ve heard from a friend, who owns a Merc CLK (unlucky chap), that it’s advisable to apply some form of lubricant after periodical cleaning of the rubber seals, to essentially maintain the seals in a flexible manner and prevent hardening of the seal that can lead to water ingress. Fairly new to a convertible so would appreciate comments/thoughts please. I’m also struggling to get the outside truly clean (black looking) and find the Turtle Wax kit I bought pretty useless. Many thanks.

This nextzett 91480615 Rubber Care Stick, 100 Ml, White : Automotive is one that has previously been recommended on here and I have found it very good.

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Or this Liqui Moly alternative currently £10.

I applied this recently on all of the rubber strips on my car. It stopped the THUNK when I opened the PRHT roof. It is a good idea on ALL rubber strips to stop things sticking and to prolong the life of the rubber.

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Gummi Pledge Stift is what i use.After cleaning all the rubbers using a microfibre cloth moistened with some Auto Glym Vinyl & Rubber care fluid.

Non of my rubber seals seem to be leaking so far even after power washing or sustained rain.


Thanks for the tips everyone!

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All good suggestions. The other stuff is Shin Etsu grease which is some sort of thick silicone grease (obviously never use Vaseline on rubber seals). It is expensive but a tube lasts forever. I have an RF & have done all the seals twice without using much of the grease. I did a lot of research into this and got the sense that Shin Etsu is the stuff to use.


Just looked this stuff up on eBay and the description of the product suggests that it is a “Joystick lubricant” which makes “squeaky joysticks a thing of the past”.

I’m all for preventing my joystick from squeaking but is this the correct stuff to condition my rubber seals?

Just asking. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are condoms still made of rubber?

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Gummipfledges recommended by others above should all be good. I use CarPro PERL, it’s a multipurpose product you dilute down for different uses; 1:3 on rubber seals and exterior plastic trim, and 1:5 on interior plastics and coated leather.


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Apply with a cloth to all seals/rubber.


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I agree, I use Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber care and it works a treat. The good thing is that Autoglym do not use harmful chemicals in their products, such that some wheel cleaning solutions use, so it will not affect one’s wheel finishes but still cleans the muck/brake stuff off😉

Ho ho. At my age that is no longer a matter of interest to me!

Definitely a vote for the Shin Etsu, expensive but worth it. Lots of owners of various convertibles swear by it on their forums too.

Just cleaned my 2017 RF seals with the 2 above and they look - clean!