Soft top up or down

Sadly it has come to that time of the year when I put my 5 into the garage for winter. My question is, is it better to leave the hood up or down, it will be stored for about 4 months.

Well i leave mine up, but with the windows down a bit. Keeps the hood from creasing and allows airflow

I just drive it all the time… [:D] No garage for my Mk1 and it’s not my daily driver.

Heater on and wooly hat. 


Up - if you leave it down it may damage due to being folded.


Well, That’s the old chestnut 'aint it.Similar dilemma a few weeks ago. I resolved the issue by buying a hard top. I trolled around Ebay for about a fortnight and waited until something cheap and local showed up. Just when I was about to give up all hope, a guy in Blackpool who was emigrating placed a MK2 top on the site. I got it for £370 and have just fitted it after having it sprayed (£100). The great thing about this is, that the top will never loose its value, so really it’s free! Try this route, you may be lucky as I was.

Leave the top up but loosen the latches so it it nice and tight when you come back to it

The trouble with hard tops is that you get to a day like today - brilliantly sunny - and you are stuck with either having to drag it off again or being denied your winter open top fun! I had one on my first Mk1 for a few weeks in winter, but missed being able to throw back the hood, so sold it.

I’m with Paul & Katie. Used to have an Elise and you could put money on the sun comming out on every trip when I had the hard top on. So it lived in the garage and I bought hats.