Soft top warranty

  1. My model of MX-5 is: ND (2019)
  2. I’m based near: Wigan
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Soft top warranty and exclusions

Hi all

I’ve a couple of issues with my soft top. Firstly a very small tear in the soft top where the top meets the windscreen and is pretty much dead centre. Secondly in heavy rain the roof is leaking slightly at the drivers side front corner. I’m still well within the warranty period: 12k miles and registered 29/03/19. Would both of these aspects be covered under warranty?


Don’t see why not if they are manufacturing defects.

Surely a question for the dealer you purchased the car from, if not clearly explained in the warranty documentation.

I would definitely think so, though they are subject to wear and tear it’s not unreasonable to expect them to last the warranty period.

There was an issue with misaligned hoods that were being repaired gratis.

Unless it’s caused by serious neglect definitely get it looked at before water ingress makes a mess of your interior

The leak would 100% be covered, the tear is difficult to say as it could be damage caused by anything. Are you aware of the roof rubbing issue? Its probably the most common issue on NDs (where the roof comes into contact with the back of the roll hoops when it is lowered, this can cause the leading edge of the roof to become damaged and the roll hoops scratched, however as you say the damage is in the centre of the roof that isn’t going to be the cause of your issue but it is worth being aware of).

I’d also recommend Windsors of Wallasey as they were very good when dealing with my gearbox replacement request when 2 other dealers had been awful and really unhelpful.

Thanks I’ll contact the dealer

If you don’t get anywhere with the dealer, try another and contact Mazda UK customer service, their number is on the Mazda UK website.

Just an update the tear isn’t dead centre and it is caused by the friction on the safety bar

As in the roll hoops? If so, 100% covered under warranty and a very well known issue.

Just make sure that you tell the dealer that you put the hood down from outside the car and follow the procedure shown in the handbook. If you just throw the hood back whilst in the car they might use that as a get out clause for covering under warranty.

Ok thanks