SOLD: 1991 Mk1 Eunos V-Special + lots of spares!

  1. The car I’m offering for sale is a 1991 Eunos Roadster V-Special
  2. The car is located near Newton Abbot, Devon
  3. The price is £3,000
  4. General information and history:

I inherited this Roadster from my dad last year, and it was his pride and joy. It was imported from Japan in January 2005, rust free, with the usual import preparations like sealing the underbody. Odometer reads 105,596 km.

Since then, it has been stored in garages, so has remained in exceptional condition. However, in the last 6 months, I haven’t had space to keep it in my garage, and so it has been on the driveway. I’ve tried to make this work, by regularly cleaning and airing it out, but I’ve been lacking in time and so have decided that ultimately an exceptional car like this deserves a better home.

It has been kept in as close to original condition and spec as possible, with Nardi steering wheel and gear knob, original leather tan seats, etc. It has the original V-Special mats which are stored away for special occasions, and a couple of other sets which are used more regularly.

It comes with a tonne of extras - paperwork, manuals, brochures, V-Special accessories, consumables (oil, sprays, etc) and spare parts (discs, filters, bulbs etc).

Paintwork is original. Generally it’s good but there are a few areas where it could be touched up a little - some areas are just a little dull and need a polish and seal, but I haven’t had the time to give it anything other than a quick wash.

Runs and drive beautifully, and sounds amazing too!

  1. Photos of the car:

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