SOLENT AREA - Beach BBQ 2022

Hi Everyone,

With a just a little over a week to go, it seems only fitting to provide details for the “Solent MX5 Beach BBQ 2022” - it’s got sizzle :grinning:

As per our Solent Area Programme for 2021, this event is being held on the 21st June, esp with 21st June being the longest day, to maximise our evenings beach time :+1:

We will meet at Rownhams Services, on the M27 Westbound, as there is plenty of parking there for us to gather and toilets are available in the services, if required, from 18:00 onwards for a swift departure at 1830, for a drive in convoy down to Calshot Beach and park in our normal area by the beach huts, adjacent to the toilet facilities there.

If you cannot make the drive start time, please drive staight to Calshot but please let us know via this thread that you are coming. The location is given in the screen grab below and we park in the Calshot Beach Car Park, which has great views of the Solent at Ships that happen to be passing by at the time.

Please remember to bring your own Portable BBQ or Gas Stove and food of your choosing, together with any drink, tea, coffee or other favourite tipple.

The owners club stopped paying for the BBQ’s a few years back, so we have to buy our own portable BBQ’s but they can be obtained very cheaply at various budget High Street outlets and it is a great sociable evening and if the weather is anything like it has been recently, it will be a fantastic evening - we have our fingers crossed!!!

For those that have not been before we drive to the Calshot Beach and set up camp on the beach with either deckchairs or blankets to sit on and then proceed to burn perfectly good sausages and burgers!

If you fancy a dip, “bring your cossie” and go for a nice pre-supper dip in the Solent

When we have watched the ships go by, partaken in friendly chatter and finally watched the sun go down, we then drive home at dusk - “Perfick” as Pop Larkin would say :+1: :+1: :+1:

NB: I have scoured the websites for the area to see if Portable BBQ’s are allowed on the beach, since the last time we visited and connot find anything to the contrary. So, we will take our portable BBQ’s and as normal and as before fully extiguish them in the sea, so they are fully cold before placing them in the bins at the rear of the beach. If anyone knows anything different ref the use of Portable BBQ’s, please respond on this thread soonest, so we can make alternative arrangements!

For the first time since we have been running this event, we are taking a Portable Gas BBQ, as it saves a lot of incurred issues that Charcoal BBQ’s provide :wink:

See you there

Best Regards

Mal, Serena, Terry & Diane


Lyn & I will catch the convoy on the way down as we are virtually there!

Myself and Caroline will be joining you

Thanks for all the replies thus far👍

Geoff & Lyn: Happy to see you on route or at the venue.

Nick & Caroline: Great news and it will be great to see you both again.

The weather looks as though its going to be good, so far​:crossed_fingers::sunglasses:



Hi All
Sorry we can’t make it this year as we will be on a cruise (Yes I said a cruise !!!) We hope the weather holds and the sun shines for you all and have a great time. We will be thinking of you.
Love Terry & Di XX

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Sorry you will not be with us but we hope you enjoy your cruise :ship::desert_island::clinking_glasses::champagne::tropical_drink:

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Hi Mal
Looks like we should both be along for this one. Richard and Clare.

Hi Mal,
Tony and I are planning to come on Tuesday to the BBQ.
See you at Rownhams, Judy

Many thanks for the replies thus far, it will be good to have you all along.

We look forward to seeing you all at Rownhams👍



Weather looking reasonable and pleasantly warm for Tuesday🤞 So, get those BBQ’s out and Sossies ready to sizzle👍

Hi Mal,

We’re sorry but we won’t be able to join you, by the time Sally gets home from work you’ll already be meeting up, so there’s no chance of us being down even on time for the BBQ.

We hope the sun shines and you all have a great time.

Sally & Colin x

Will see you at the services.

Jo and Colin

Hi Mal,
We will be there but will go straight to Calshot.
See you there, Mike & Karen.

Great news, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.:sunglasses:

No worries Karen & Mike, see you at Calshot👍

Hi Sally & Colin,
Sorry you won’t be joining us but fully understand that it’s a long way to come for a Beach BBQ, especially as its a long way down to Calshot.
Thanks for letting me know.
Mal :wink:

Things are Revving Up for Tonight’s Beach BBQ, Oscar is in his Fountain Pool already😎

Is grandad going to be wearing similar swim wear tonight. :smile:

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You will have to wait and see😜

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