Solent Area Newsletter Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to inform you that I have emailed the April 2020 Solent Area Newsletter to all Solent members, that have email addresses registered on the system, as they are not currently being included in the copies of STHT due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Stay well everyone

Kind Regards

Mal Rowland

Hi Mal, no sign of your email to us

Hi Mal, nothing received in my emails either.

Checked the junk folder too as a lot of my emails from the mx5 club do seem to end up in there…


Morning Graham & Max,

Thank you for that feedback. I will check out the mass email system system again and hopefully get the newsletters through😉



Hi Mal, just seen your message. I didn’t receive an email either.

Hi again Everyone,

Well that failed miserably :roll_eyes:

I have been back online and apparently I can only send out to all Solent Area members via Mail Chimp and had to create a Campaign. A new experience but I am up for giving it a go and its a bit tortuous but I have now done this and copied my email text into the Campaign and also added a “Download Here” link to my campaign, which should allow you all to simply click, on the link and the file should automatically download to your PC, where you can either read it online or print it off for future reference.

Please are with me, as its my first campaign on Mailchimp :thinking:

Kind Regards


Hi Mal,

That worked fine - received it, downloaded it and read it :slight_smile:


Brilliant, many thanks for that Max. Its another system to get used to but after a couple of goes, it should run more smoothly…he says hopefully😉

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We have ours, but no mention of the Valentines Drive & meal!

Ooh, that’s interesting. Good spot there and I have clearly missed a trick and forgotten to put it in. My sincere apologies and I will resurrect that in the next Newsletter, that I am currently putting together, as a lot of events have been cancelled due to the current lockdown and there will me more room to do the Valentines meal justice.