Some ******* dented my MX5

I’m always careful (make that paranoid) when I park any car. I pick an end spot and park right to the edge, in the furthest spot in a car park.

But noticed a small dent on the panel just behind the passenger door. It’s wasn’t easy to see, being white. Obviously done by the edge of a door, thankfully no paint damage. Car was more or less unmarked other than that. Gutted!

Have a man coming to have a look in a week or so. Not sure how he’s going to access the inside of the panel. It’s inside the roof stowing area. There seems to be an inner plastic panel.

Any one had something similar?

Yep, picked up a similar car park ding in my 25AE. Was not happy. Not had it sorted yet.

I dented mine, yep I did it but it was the daily drivers door I put a crease in. I did it with the MX-5’s door.:open_mouth::-1:

I’ve got one ding in the boot lid in the MX-5 and now 2 dings in the daily driver. I must try arranging one of those dent magic guys to come out sometime…:thinking:

I’ve been helping daughter’s fiancee source a new car as he’s changing jobs and will now get a car allowance rather than a company car. Anyway got a nice '17 plate C220i estate. The point is, the garage have a visiting dent man for their stock and I found out a bit of info. In the door shuts and doors, often difficult areas can be accessed by drilling a hole for the repair tools to fit in, then, when finished, a rubber bung is inserted to close the hole. I inspected quite a few ‘dent’ free cars that had these bungs in various places! Not just at the one garage either. Every day is a school day as they say! You might even be able to use the hole for rust treatment?


Personally if it’s that small I wouldn’t bother. Trying to remove a tiny “ding” could be more trouble than it’s worth.

I have to get it fixed the car is or was immaculate, it will be again.

These PDR blokes know all the tricks to get in the most awkward places.
The chap I use is great :+1:t3:

Barrie… the drilling in the door shut was a technique my man used on mrs B’s Clio when she had a large dent in her rear :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hope you get your 5 sorted :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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It pees me off when other people use your car as a guide for parking their own. You park away from everyone else in an empty car park and come back to find some truck next you 3 inches from your door because they are too inept and bone idle to park between the white lines. There was a time I was sitting in my car and I watched this guy come in and head straight for me. I knew exactly what he wanted to do so i drove off just as he was lining up with me and I went and parked somewhere else. The look on his face was hilarious.

I parked in an ASDA carpark near me in my battered and bashed Mk1, perfectly lined up in the parking bay, roof down, nose out. Nobody either side when I left the car and got a few bits n bobs in The ASDA. When I returned there was a lovely shiny new Mercedes C220 parked next to me, nose out and they’d left a 122mm gap between their passenger door and my driver’s door. I measured it I was so cross. I couldn’t get in via the door so had to scramble over the boot to get in. Obviously I wasn’t very happy, I opened my door two or three times to check just how much clearance they’d left me, I may have put a dent in their passenger door? Like the OP I always try to park my vehicles at the end of a row now.



Worth a watch

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That looks like magic at work, stunning…


It shows how skill with the right tools and patience can do a superb job.

Would I be right in thinking that it’s probably easier to remove a large dent than a small ding? :thinking: