Some hints and tips and a few myths about wheel alignment on the '5 (by WiM)

Wheel Alignment… The big Con

1. Front wheel Alignment is Linear across the front wheels and corrects Longitudinal Toe… angles measured 1. Solution rating 0

2. Four wheel Alignment is still Linear and corrects Longitudinal Toe, but in this case the rear wheels will be used as a scale to establish the rear centre line ( Thrust Angle )…( Assuming ) the rear is central? then the result will be a centred steering wheel… angles measured 1, reference points 2. Solution rating 1

3. Four wheel Laser Alignment… as above don’t be fooled!

4. Full Geometry is three dimensional and the only one for the MX… or any other car. Angles measured 15+. Solution rating:- Absolute.

Get a printout… get peace of mind.