Some Numbers

I counted the infield and car park a little after midday and not including the non MX-5s on site nor any of the Mazda cars we had just over 1400 (1424 give or take a few) MX-5s at the Rally.

Footfall on site was over 3000 people.

We welcomed 110 visitors through the gate.

35 new members signed up on the day (welcome to the club folks!)

1 finger was shut in a car door and there were 32 treated wasp stings (ouch! hope you all are ok)

0 keys needed to be retrieved from boots! (think that’s a first)

6 children required to beat our Jester at the tug of war!


Thank you all for making it a fantastic rally.

There was 1 that I know of.



thought you said there weren’t any? 


1 key locked in a boot that we know of!


It was at the end of the day, it was one of the ladies who helped at signing in. She then had a flat battery    oh dear.   but all was well in the end and Sue left the site and got home safely