Some photos from National Rally

Let me know if any members would like larger versions (digital)

Rows of parked MX5s MX5 MK1 MX5 MK1 MX5 MK3 MX5 MK2 MX5 MK1 MX5 MK1 MX5 MK1 Group of MX5 MX5 MK1 MX5 MK2 MX5 MK1

Great photos Thank`s for posting

I think I can say we all had a great day - these photos say it all - one complaint though - wheres my car

Sorry ol’ bean, a glaring omission. I knew something was not quite right!!!

Nice pics 


Mind if i borrow the Mazda Menders stand pic?

Thanks for asking. Yes, that’s fine. Dya need a larger version or will this one do?

Thanks, should be fine as is. Mine`s the white MK1 in the middle.