Nice one, stragiht in with a spelling mistake or is that a grammatical error ?  LOL

Go change your user name… :wink:


name change:

 and you probably can’t edit yet, need to go tick some more boxes…

I’m here!

Hi to all my Eastern Region Friends!

Greetings to you all from upside down land    

im here as well…well i think i am [:D]

 Wheres the  quote  button??
Martin wrote
“Nice one, stragiht in with a spelling mistake”  [:)]


to quote, hit reply then it gives you quote option for the post you are replying to…

 OK, I only have the  quick reply option and  quote is  not  offered - using Firefox, is that an issue?

press reply,


then look above the box you type in, you will see the previous post with a quote button, press button to quote…



and hmmmm…

reply with quote using firefox :) 

I just want to say a Happy Birthday to Matt from Team Bavers, but I can’t seem to work out how to start a thread. Doh!

Either it worked, or Martin’s fingers are extra fast this morning! (well your afternoon!), but something worked!


Woo Hoo - I’m back. Manged to change my username too!

Only 35 Days to Xmas, but more importantly only 16 days to the ER Xmas Party!