Source or alternative to RX8 injectors?

Hi all

Just bought myself a mk1 turbo! Exciting times. It has the HKS fcon kit, which I will be changing out for an ME221 ECU and will correspondingly fit bigger injectors. I know the RX8 injectors are recommended, but it seems all the “new” ones on Ebay are aftermarket.

Does anyone have a good, reliable source for RX8 injectors please? Or any other recommendation?



Any thoughts or advice please people??

You could try these. I’ve bought them for my build:

Thanks, yes that’s what I’ve bought, should have closed the thread. So disappointing how little response you get on here 

I haven’t installed them yet either but am excited to do so!

I think the reason you got little response is because few people on this forum are into DIY tuning to the point where the standard injectors can’t cope.

You can get some very good advice on where to find a nice cafe, though…

Did you try these people? :

We try to advise where we can but no experience or knowledge in this area.

From what I have read it is not just what injectors but also what condition they are in. 

Surely can’t go far wrong if you are buying the right injectors that have been refurbished and tested.     


I’m about to purchase some RX8 injectors for a turbo build on my 1.6

By the sounds of it its worth spending the extra for these brand new higher spec one’s? What do people think?


Hi, those are the injectors I went for in the end on the premise that they would outlast any future modifications I wanted to do. However, having just spoken to BBR, he said they’re overkill and will make the car very rich at idle and potentially an issue with MOT. He recommended around 440cc. 

I’m going in for mapping on 25th June so I will report back after that. I’ve got my fingers crossed, and possibly being a little overoptimistic, that they’ll be fine!



Ah okay, I would be getting it mapped at the same time when they are fitted so that may mitigate the shitty idle somewhat.

Fingers crossed for you, let us know how you get on!!


I will, no probs at all.

I think BBR’s point was that even after mapping it will be rich at idle as a result of the injectors simply pumping more fuel through than the engine needs. But I will report back!