South West Scotland newbie

At long last (after a 4 year break) - just purchased an early Mk3 2.0 (Mk2.5 last time) and completely delighted to be back on the MX5 horse.

Despite Winter now being upon us, am looking forward to many 4 second roof down, heated seated days out. 

Let me know if you need some advice for good driving roads in the Dumfries & Galloway region of SW Scotland - it’s a wonderful place. Just turn LEFT at Gretna.

Welcome mate! Not long got my first mx5 (MK1) after an almost 30 year wait! Great little cars eh! Is it the soft top you got or the electric hard top version. Had a look at a mk3 as well, nice cars (especially inside). I’m over on the east coast of Scotland near Mussleburgh, might take a wee run through some time.

Soft top - just couldn’t cope with the faff / needless theatre of a power roof.
Had looked at a couple of MK1s before taking the plunge with a Mk3, however having owned a couple of 1970s MGs in the fairly recent past, anything over 20/25 years old makes me a little nervous.
My Mk2 was a joy to drive and it looks like this one’s pretty good, albeit a little light on the steering - I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
Had actually been through Musselburgh for the first time a few months ago on a last minute day away and had a weeks holiday on the Northumberland coast and up to Berwick Upon Tweed. Nice part of the country.
You must try the Beef Tub loop from Moffat up to Peebles and back down again via St Mary’s Loch and the Grey Mares Tail waterfall - 2 hours of great driving.