Southern Coasters NTXL This Saturday!!!!!!!(Not the Christmas Lunch), stick it in your diary!

SOUTHERN COASTERS NTXL 2009. Saturday 10th January<o:p></o:p><o:p> </o:p>(Not the Christmas Lunch)<o:p></o:p>
Once again we are going to have a get together a couple of weeks after Christmas to meet for a run and lunch.
This year’s event was a massive success and we hope to repeat this early next January.<o:p></o:p>The Date:      Saturday 10th January.<o:p></o:p>The Time:      11.30 a.m for a 12 noon departure for a wizz round the local countryside, then lunch at about 1.<o:p></o:p>The Venue:    The Bolney Stage, <st1:street w:st=“on”><st1:address w:st=“on”>London Road</st1:address></st1:street>, Bolney, nr <st1:place w:st=“on”><st1:city w:st=“on”>Haywards Heath</st1:city>, <st1:state w:st=“on”>WEST</st1:state> <st1:country-region w:st=“on”>SUSSEX</st1:country-region> <st1:postalcode w:st=“on”>RH17 5RL</st1:postalcode></st1:place><o:p></o:p>Everyone is welcome, although under the banner of Southern Coasters, as ever everyone is more than welcome, Owners Club members from the SE and other regions and South East Roadsters etc:<o:p></o:p>Please let us know if you will be coming as we will need to book the restaurant for lunch.<o:p></o:p>It would be great if this year everyone brings along some Christmas Crackers and party poppers.<o:p></o:p>Nick & Jane Butler<o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p>Nicks Office No 01892 667314<o:p></o:p>

Hi Nick & Jane

Last years “not the Christmas Lunch” was our first ever run with the club - great day the sun was out and roof down!   Will have to check the diary - can already see problem - Andy’s work rota is changing at Xmas and I think he is now working that morning - well I can do the run (that will &£%* him)and he can always meet us back at the pub for lunch!  Will let you know definitely one way or other once he has remembered to bring the new rota home!


Hi Sandra, glad you can join us. Last year was a great day. So far we have 10 cars for the next one but am hoping to beat the 24 we had last year.

Hi Nick

We’ll try and make this one…[;)]

hi nick,

put jan and me down for this one, ta.


Andy has now given me his new Saturday work rota and he isn’t working that day [:)]so looks like we will be arguing over who’s turn to drive again[;)]


15 cars and counting. Yippeeeee

Hi Nick and Jane

Thanks for coming to pub meet yesterday, please can you put us down for the NTXL it was such a good lunch last time.


Sarah (Mazda Chick) & Martyn[<:o)]

Of course. You’ve got PM.

Woohoo…put me down as a probable too

With Mrs Goonz? I have to book numbers with the pub!

Ah - Change of plan - we will be up north that weekend so can’t join you afterall [:$]

Sorry about that 

Sandra & Andy

 Anyone else for a country lane wizz and very nice lunch in a very nice pub with very nice people who have very nice cars parked outside?[maz]