Spa track day - passenger only - accident/medical/repatriation cover available?

I have done many track days in the UK however the risk of medical expenses and repatriation is not then the issue.

I am off to Spa in early April as a passenger so if injured or requiring medical/hospital services normal Travel Insurance doesn’t cover track days amongst all the other activities they do insure.

You can get cover for cars and Nurburgring Armco etc but not personal insurance it seems.

Being a risk averse person, severe injuries abroad, medical expenses and repatriation [if not insured] could mean selling your house!!

Anyone know of a company that offers such insurance or do you all ‘risk it’ when abroad on a track day.

I think that if I was that worried I simply wouldn’t go. ( shrug )



I have a mate who has a fear of stepping outside his front door and being run over by a bus.

He’s now bought a house opposite a bus stop.




Paul G

At least the bus should be going slowly when it runs him over …


A lot of people take out insurance on track days to try and protect their finances with their cars - a similar issue.

Not worried for my-self as I have built and run cars on track days for thousands of miles over many, many years.

Thinking more of if I run up a big bill it will affect my finances and also therefore risks my nearest and dearest’s well-being (actually) so I’m only trying to sensibly de-risk that aspect.

Its not an unreasonable thought (in my view)

I do see many MX5’s on track without roll cages and to me that is worrying.

It’s why I don’t track mine - I have a fully track prepped 225bhp/tonne Mk1 Golf