Space saver tyre help

Does anyone know where’s the best place to get a space saver wheel/ tyre .To suit a nc2 with 17 inch wheels and a 45 profile .Any help would be greatly appreciated

Not 45 profile but any good?

Just think also, where does my punctured 17" tyre/wheel go once changed over! Ok if you’ve got a boot rack to carry it on.

Hadn’t thought about the punctured tyre !! ,do you know if there is a boot rack to suit a prht model :thinking:

Hmm, knowing the impossibility in the NC of my passenger holding a damaged wet tyre or expecting her to change a wheel in the rain (punctures usually occur in the cold and wet), I discarded the idea of a space saver.

Instead I’ve boosted my repair options in both cars by adding to the standard Mazda kit an aerosol repair bottle (for when SWMBO was driving), and also a plug kit + vulcanising glue + yellow chinagraph + 4" mini-Visegrip to pull out the offending nail (when I’m driving).

And the fall-back position is to get RAC recovery to include tyre replacement(s) in case the tyre(s) was beyond a temporary plug-repair or it’s very wet when she is driving.

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Have you thought of carrying an inner tube?

Carry a big bin liner to put it in, and hope you are on your own or your passenger is prepared to have catch a bus.

I also have two gloop options and a plugging kit (tyre string), as well as a jack and wheelbrace. Never had to use the tyre string on the MX-5 but I have plugged punctures on our other cars. Worked perfectly on each occasion, although they were both nail/screw holes not cuts or tears.

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Would it be possible to have the punctured wheel in the boot with a bungee cord holding the lid tightly shut on it? Padding all round to protect the paintwork of course.

As others have said, carrying a spare wheel is not ideal and storing the punctured one is even worse.

Okay, so here is a tip and what I do.
I put GOOP into each Tyre. (self sealant which stays in the tyre all the time).

It washes out with water when a new tyre is needed so no problem. (In actual fact it all stays in the old tyre anyway, so no faffing about).
I carry a “Stop and Go Pocket Tyre Plugger Tubeless Standard” kit.
This comes in a zipper pouch and they DO work.
I also carry a scissor jack stowed in the right hand side of the boot behind the plastic and a foldable wheel brace.
Also have the supplied puncture repair outfit too.
Therefore, if you get a puncture out in the middle of no where at least you can do a good safe repair.
Obviously drive at a safe reduced speed too.
Touch wood not needed as yet.
But as we go on extended European tours it is a good get you home method.

I have been on a trip when this system was used on a Goldwing and it got the chap home from France to the Midlands where he got the tyre replaced/repaired.

A matter for your good selves. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit- Yes and of course have a good breakdown cover.


I assume the inner tube is a joke. No way would the RAC fit one to a “Tubeless” tyre.

I would if travelling far and wide get breakdown cover that covers tyre replacement or repair. Most would offer at least getting you to a nearest garage for that, do check the terms of rescue though.

I have in the past made sure I have cover when touring, don’t want to be messing with a spare wheel, three holdalls full of clothes and assorted holidaying stuff. That has lapsed now to be renewed when we can actually get the NC’s wheels turning again.

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