Space to work on car in Berkshire or west London

hi. I am looking at getting my arches rolled by arch enemy but they don’t have operatives in my area (south west). I am looking for a private premises where I can meet them to do the work. This could be a workshop, driveway or similar place. Can anyone recommend somewhere i could use or lend a space? Happy to pay. 

If it helps I am also looking for a friendly garage to change my gearbox and diff oil. So could perhaps arrange both at the same time. Likewise they are happy to work on someone’s drive (cheeky ask). Thanks in advance. 

Are you able to give us some boundaries to Berkshire or West London as it does cover a large area - given you’re in the south west the closer to the south west region the better? Have you also posted in Western, Solent and Wessex areas too as they would be a bit closer?


I haven’t yet. I didn’t know whether it was acceptable to do so. Phil has said anywhere in Beds, Berks, Bucks, Herts, N London is good. But as you say closer to me is better. Ideally in and around the M4 corridor. Appreciate it’s a big ask