spare wheel bag purchased from show with free gift


I purchased the above and when i got home (about 2 hours away) and opened it it has 4 scarfs in.

I take it these should not have been in their is their somewhere i can send them back to ??? 

or do you want me to keep quiet and run away with them (doh i told you now!!! )

 Shh don’t shout it too loud. Anyone who knows me (Merchandise officer) will know I will do anything to get rid of those scarves!! [:D]

Look at as a gift for buying the last spare wheel bag out of a total of 10 taken to the rally.

 Well done Drew, thats 4 more gone… howe many left now.?

ho sorry my mistake it was just a tartan packing that looked very much like something else :slight_smile:

once again sorry for the mistake ( oh the sarcasm) 


 We have about 200 left!

The guy who buys a full luggage set is in for a shock [;)]

never mind the luggage set whats in the boot,clove box and behind the seats of the MX5 prize car :frowning: nowhere is save run for you lives !!!


That guy is safe as it is full with all the old raffle tickets [;)]