Speed bumps at billing????????

 Caravan/camping site, mx/roadsters and looks like a shed load of speed bumps,well they’re often are at these sites???is there any? and if so how many and how high?before i bottom my roadsters out?

Anyone answer the questions before i travel all that way to bring on damage to mine??


As on holiday in the area, went down for a reccie on Tuesday, there are two or three of those black rubbery long strip bumps just through the entrance, my low Mk1 cleared them, think there was a gap and I normally put a wheel in that so only one side is raised, but same ones on way out i did catch the bottom of a front mudflap, no damage, went over real slow only heard it touch. Just need to go slow over them.

 Thanks Ian

Is she lowered or standard, as i am sure i will not be the only owner wanting to know if there will be a problem.

I walk them over speed bumps, which saves damage, but with being on caravan sites before, some are better than others ,if you know what i mean.


She is lowered, it was only the smallest of touch on a front flap coming down square on, underneath was fine, so everybody should be ok unless you go over a bit quick. Hope that helps, See you Sunday.


 That helps great Ian, cheers buddyThumbs up.

Come and say Hi, i’ll be on Autolinks stand with Mazda-mender Jnr, Andrew, Tony and the rest of the grewCool


Will do, though gonna be busy, have my Red un on Concours and Black un on Autotest, pop by ditto Wink


 Thanks for the nod guys Thumbs up



Would be far more interesting if you changed the cars around Ian. Me and Paul would thrash the red un round the cones for you!!

Without a doubt…needs to be driven not pampered

 Don’t listen to them, Ian.  Your lovely red Mk1 deserves to be pampered Thumbs up Cool

Thanks Ken for your kind understanding words, looking forward to a great weekend SmileWaving