Speedy SMART car

For my birthday treat this year, my good lady wife got me a factory visit at Morgan Cars in Great Malvern.  Absolutely fabulous by the way - very informative, interesting and entertaining (our guide was a real hoot !).

On the way up the M5 from Somerset, we were minding our own business in the middle lane doing something in the high seventies, when we were overtaken by a SMART car in the fast lane, doing at least a ton - it certainly passed us like we were standing still anyway !  Bloody embarrassing it was !

I didn’t realise that those ugly little shopping trollies could go that fast - perhaps it had been turbo-charged or something.  I certain wouldn’t have fancied driving it that fast - I certainly wouldn’t fancy driving one at all actually !  They always look to me to be extremely top-heavy and unstable in all honesty, but this guy was certainly going for it.


There’s a Brabus version but I thought that was still a max of 103

I’ve just had a look and apparently you can remap the new Brabus to about the 130bhp mark with 145ftlbs torque. Now correct me if I’m wrong but a 130bhp tin can would be a laugh! :smiley:

They go faster if you turn aircon off…

I had one remapped to 85 BHP, that would clock a ton

I had one remapped to 85 BHP, that would clock a ton

Straight line sport though , bit frightening

Straight line sport though , bit frightening

For our birthdays(my wife & I are both Librans) we are visiting the Malvern factory Monday Oct 3.

My wife has a passion for Morgans, we hired a 4 cylinder '87 Morgan a few years ago, she loved it,

I was not impressed.  We are both looking forward to the visit, not to buy, just interest.

The money is ear marked for a '18 plate 2 litre MK4.





One went by yesterday tailgating a Merc. C class.  Reminded me of the '50’s record “Beep Beep”.



You’d need lots of pennies these days to buy a Plymouth Roadrunner.



I had a stock standard SMART Roadster Light and it would do a ton fairly easily.

And they are not top heavy at all.


Very true my friend.  But the cars in the record were - US original, Cadillac vs Nash Rambler.  UK version, Limousine vs Bubble Car.

THIS site may explain it to you