Sportscars in the park.

Sportscars in the park is on again in 5 weeks at Lotherton Hall Leeds. 23rd September 2018.


Anybody attending?

Missed Porsche festival there the other weekend but yep fancy that and then weekend after it’s the MX5OC Rally! Happy Days!

Signed up to SCITP disclosing MX5OC member so hopefully will be there 23/9 along with others?

Just hoping for fair weather before I buy a ticket but due to lack of interest I have created another post to that effect! Why? When May’s was a success this Autumn one is ignored?

Link for info

Going, had my ticket for couple of mths now, agree there was loads at Newby and this one MX5 wise looks poor.Not many other cars either 144 (proper flop)However the house & gardens should be worth it.Its a day out for us, plus if you’ve seen 1 mx5 you’ve seen them all.LOL there are only 2 cars booked in,mine & Mick’s ve seens Mick’s ,looks like its the house and gardens then!

Hope the National @ Ragley not a flop lol


SCITP 05/05/19 and according to their website there are to date 28 cars and MX5OC stand! Can’t seem to find reference to this in the forum? 


Oops its in Other events