Sporty exhaust backbox on Mk3.5

I have a Mk3.5 NC 2.0 Litre Sport-tech with a standard exhaust. My previous fun car was a 1972 MGB Roadster and whilst I love almost everything about my MX5, I do miss the lovely deep tone of the MGB exhaust. My question is, what have other member’s bought to get a better sound. I’m not particularly interested in replacing anything other than the backbox, or doing any changes to the cars ecu set up. I just want to hear that sound that the MGB had, even at low revs. Cheers guys and gals.

I know exactly what you mean about the exhaust sound, the Cobalt back box from Moss Europe is very good , not only does it look good but has a nice deep sporty sound without being over the top, I have one on my Mk3 , but I gather these are in short supply if they are still making them, so you could look for a second hand one , or hopefully someone else will suggest a good alternative :+1:

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Avoid Cobra…droned like ■■■■.

Interestingly I had the same Cobra exhaust model (the quieter one, centre pic) on my NC1 (Soft Top) and NC2 (PRHT).

On the NC1 it sounded brilliant, I wouldn’t classify it as droney.

On the NC2 it was different, sounded okay and maybe a bit droney at times.

Not sure what of the different characteristics caused the difference.

My observation is that the box, pipes, tips are very good quality, at the time I wasn’t impressed by the quality of the clamps supplied (mild steel).

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I fitted a use Cobra road back box to my NC1 and definitely doesn’t drone. Much better exhaust note. Slightly more resonance with the hood up and windows shut but easily rectified and happy with it. Only thing is the large size of the tail pipes. Looks a bit boy racer!

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I have this one on my 2.0 Sport Tech mk3.5.


Now, I have to admit, I did not buy this new but got it from a good friend and OC member :+1:

It’s a very nice back box, very well put together and does not drone at any speed. Subtle pops on overruns, certainly not loud but definitely more sporty sound than OEM. Big thumbs up from me. It’s designed for mk3 so the tail pipes don’t extend very far out under the bumper on the mk3.5 but they run the length of the exhaust tail pipe before they bend inwards to the silencer, very neat finish and appearance.



Cheers Barrie, I’ll have a look at that. Fred S