Spring Day at Brooklands, Car Competitions

Car Competitions 
It is only fitting that as the Club is staging an event at one of Britain's most historic and prestigious motoring venues that we should put car competitions at the heart of the event and the Car Competitions will feature at the centre of the event on the apron in front of  Brooklands Historic Club house, to also help highlight the MX-5 as a modern Classic

 With the emphasis on how well your car is kept and worked upon, you can enter your vehicle into any one of the following 5 Club Competition classes, in brief these are: 

·    Standard Car class - Factory standard car, Mazda genuine accessories permitted. 
·    Light modification - A few cosmetic and light modifications to standard cars with aftermarket accessories
·    Modified - Numerous enthusiast modifications and also forced induction cars (*except where standard fit)
·    Ultra Modified - Radical vehicle alteration, e.g retro body kit or MX-5 kit-car conversion 
·    Daily driver - Any car that is in use regularly, subject to age and mileage (the bodywork and cabin are judged only in this category).
 To enter the Competitions all you need to do is email your interest to the Competitions coordinator at ian.mchattie(at)mx5oc.co.uk who will send you back a copy of the judging and scoring manual and the competitor entry document for you to fill in your detail, choose your preferred entry class

Deadline for entrance is Friday 4h April to allow for the Rally team to set out the Competition plots for the day. After this time we will be unable to enter vehicles into the Competitions.

Club members can seek further advice on the competitions in the members only section the forum, click here.