Spring Fair - Elvington - Admission fee ?

 Have read much about events and proposed agenda for the weekend but is this event just a turn-up and be admitted affair ? I have seen nothing about admission charges except for track events and air museum entry. I shall be driving up from Nottingham on the Sunday morning and just wanted to make sure that I there was no pre-pay entry tickets necessary for MX-5 OC members.   

 Hi, very good question…

The spring rally flyer downloadable from this site says;

 entry fee is £4 per MX-5 (no reduction for single occupancy)

So unless I have got it wrong it means £4.00 entry to the rally?


Spring Rally website says;

Yorkshire Air Museum:  The main attraction for the Spring Rally 2009 is the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington.  The majority of trade stands and competitions will be hosted within the confines of the museum grounds.  Car parking (competition cars will be in museum) and repair orientated trade stands will be located on the adjacent Elvington Airfield apron.  Access to all areas will be by a single route where you will be required to pay £4 entry per car (single or double occupancy).  All monies go to the upkeep of the museum.