Spring Rally 2010. N.Ireland.

 Hi all, We enjoyed our stay in Ireland, made lots of new friends.Irsh people very helpful and friendly every where we went.Rally very well organised. To all those who have moan have a go at doing one yourself!!!

Many Thanks to Stephen & Norman and friends for a wonderful time.


Cheshire & N.Wales Club.

Happy MX5ing.


We enjoyed having you visit are province and very glad to hear the good feed back. I totally agree with about the petty moaners. See next Spring Rally

Allan and Sonja


ARE!! meant Our…my speeling is drowful


I really don’t think people are moaning - anybody who’s said they’ve been disappointed has given good reason why - typically because they expected more of a car-focused event, which is fair enough I think.  



That’s a bit like a Mazda dealer saying to an RX8 owner - yip, your engine’s knackered for the third time [this month], - you try making an engine and see if you can do beter!



I don’t think that’s a fair comparison, events are organised by MEMBERS, not professionals.