Spring Rally 2011 Car Competition Winners are....

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thanks to everyone who took part in the competitions at the Hop Farm.  I thought I had done quite well in Standard MK2 but it appeared my winners rosette had blown off before I got back to my car…  Wink

More details and the photos will be in the June STHT.

Modified Mk1

1st Prize - Darren Clegg - West London Area

2nd Prize - Steve Hider - Eastern Region

3rd Prize - Christine Wingrove-Wheeler - North Thames Area

Standard Mk1

1st Prize - Ian McHattie - Cheshire & North Wales

2nd Prize - Dudley Davies - South East Area

3rd Prize - Richard Gale - South East Area

Standard Mk2

1st Prize - Rob Gritten, South East Area

2nd Prize - Pauline Waring

3rd Prize - Andy Houghton - South East Area

Modified Mk2

1st Prize - Allan & Olivia Doodes - North Thames Area

2nd Prize - Robin Tresidder - South Wales Area

3rd Prize - Graeme Andrews - South East Area

Modified Mk3

1st Prize - Barry Hunter - North Thames Area

2nd Prize - Paul Jones - North Thames Area

3rd Prize - Wendy Wright

Standard Mk3

1st Prize - Graham Keates - Grampian

2nd Prize - Mandy Huggins - Eastern Region

3rd Prize - Dave Gough - North Thames Area

Have you got photos of the winners ? So I can figure out which ones won ? Big Smile

I was expecting a rosette on mine for dirtiest in show Stick Tongue Out

I think you may have to wait until STHT comes out in a week or so to see them all… Sharon the Ed will have taken photos of them all but she’s now well busy trying to get the photos and the copy reading for printing…  I reckon you were unlucky like I was and you rosette blew off in the strong wind…Wink

 Hi Folks

Well done to all the winners, however just owning an MX-5 car we are all winners, thanks for entering the competions and what a fantastic turnout, thanks for coming along and supporting the rally and glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

See you at Silverstone or the National Rally.

Best Wishes

Sarah (Mazda Chick)