Spring Rally 2019 and World Record Attempt

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Are the group officials posting the results of the WR attempt on the site as it’s out on Twitter!? 1544 so well done all! :slight_smile:

Has it been ratified by Guinness then? If not, its not official yet, so there wont be an announcement


yep, its not been through Guiness yet, we’re still processing the 1500 plus registration forms, the video evidence, etc. etc. so 1544, which was a quick tally on the day iirc and picked up by Mazda as such, is still only a speculative figure still. 


There will be an update in the upcoming Soft Top Hardtop, but for some clarity in the immediate term,

The process of dealing with Guinness is slow (unless you pay (a lot) to speak with them further). I am still waiting on documents to be returned to me to enable the submission of our evidence - this should happen in the next couple of weeks. Once submitted there will be a period of up to 12 weeks while they evaluate and assess our attempt. Then we should have some indication of what they will accept.

I have been back and forth through the footage and I am currently contacting and looking to find a few cars /owners that did not display numbers (There was a pretty critical reason for that…) expect a “most wanted” list very soon as these cars and people need to be tracked down as they pose significant risk to the success of the record attempt as a whole.

I’d also like to add that this is also like some kind an administrative purgatory.

As soon as we know more, information will be shared.

I don’t envy your task Ian, but whatever the outcome we had a cracking day be it a record or not.
Thank you.

You are doing a great job Ian, thank you for your all your efforts

A big thank you to all the team that put on the Spring Rally, it was a great, almost perfect event. I just hope that it is not going to be ruined by all the thoughtless idiots that didn’t comply with the rules. There can’t be any excuse for not knowing about the numbers or the two car length requirement, our P.A. man was quite clear. I wonder if the numberless ones were really members or did they turn up on the day for something to do. Maybe a few could come on to the forum and make their apologies!
I hope you find them, Ian

Alf, Calm down a little. It’s quite understandable that some club members didn’t get to hear about the rules.
The rules weren’t published in advance.
Not everyone knew about the drivers’ briefing on the day (we didn’t).
Not everyone heard the content of the PA broadcast (we didn’t).
Some didn’t know about the radio broadcast on 87.7 or didn’t have a radio in their cars. Thankfully, we did and followed the instructions very precisely. The driver in front of me probably thought I was stuck on his tow-ball.

But I spoke to two car drivers afterwards who didn’t get access to any of the above and therefore weren’t aware of the two car / four lane requirements. One of them was an Area Co-ordinator!

When will the drone footage be posted?

Once I get the copy from Mazda and I resolve a small matter with the CAA on another pilot who just pitched up.


Interesting comments above.
Tis true that it was a cracking day and Iain and his team of Yorkshire Ridings MX5ers even arranged for ther weather to be dry - very helpful in the record attempt!

Whatever Guinness decide to do with the record attempt and verification we can still, and probably will, claim the greatest number of MX5s in a parade.
Why not?

There was definitely a lack of knowledge amongst fellow drivers re the briefing, the tannoy briefing, the statutory distance, radio broadcasting and numbers of the screen (althoguh one would have thought that this last one was bl**ding obvious!).

In hindsight, this information should have been on the social media info, around the registration areas and also as part of the registration process.

No doubt Iain and his team of stalwarts were also under pressure because of the massive numbers of us who turned up.

I expect that next time such improvements will be considered and actioned as necessary - there will be a next time won’t there?

Thanks everyone for a grand day out.

You do realise Iain that you are stuck with your role in the club for good. Nobody else is going to volunteer to do it now we know how much sh*t you have to deal with.

Always in the sh*t, just the depth that varies.

spring rally 2019, guinness failure? its all gone quiet ?? 

Who the heck are Guinness World Records anyway?  They are self-appointed arbiters, who charge substantial fees to validate ‘records’ as if only achievements that they are paid to recognise have happened - “We work with leading global brands and businesses to break world records as part of bespoke marketing campaigns.”

I was there, I know what happened.  Stuff Guinness.

Not keen on the beer either - nitrokeg rubbish:)  

I hope we’ll find out the result before the 2020 Spring Rally

Doubtful. There isn’t a 2020 ‘Spring Rally’.